Healthy Valentine's Day Treats And Sweets

Healthy Valentine's Day Treats And Sweets

Forget the cliché chocolates and sugar-loaded candies, this year, you're going to fall head over heels – not just for your significant other, but for these delicious and healthy Valentine's Day treats! 

Love is in the air and you know what that means, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we’re all scrambling to get our partners, friends and family something sweet for this lovely holiday. While this celebratory day is certainly a sweet one, one made out of the indulgence of love and all things sweet and good, a lot of the sweets out on the market today aren’t so good for our bodies. From high sugar to loads of carbs and all that other stuff, sweet is often said in the same breath as unhealthy or as a one-time indulgence for the holiday and nothing more, but we’re here to say nay, we deserve sweets and treats without all the unhealthy stuff, and brands are popping up everywhere now because they agree! Who says sweets have to be filled with sugar and preservatives in order to enjoy them? Especially with the ever-evolving diets that people go through whether by lifestyle choice or necessity, and we wouldn’t want them to miss out on enjoying something a lil’ sweet like love on Valentine’s Day. Scratching your head on what to get started with? No worries, we’ve compiled a list of all the new and trending brands that say yes to a healthy and happy Valentine’s Day! 


Sana Sweet Life

Starting off the roster, we’ve got Sana Sweet Life. Like many other brands out there, Sana Sweet Life came to be when the founder had to do an upheaval of their life when it came to the foods they enjoyed, only to find out there was nothing much on the market that they could enjoy on their diets and thus, they merged two worlds; decadence and wellness, in order to make sweets not just for themselves but also for anyone else to enjoy without having to compromise on anything! And if decadence and wellness don’t go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day, we don’t know what does! The beauty about Sana Sweet Life is that you can definitely live that sweet life without the added sugar and what makes them even sweeter is that they’re snacks with a purpose. In need of some extra protein this Valentine’s Day? Try their protein bites, because what’s better than sweets for Valentine’s Day? Sweets that can fill you up and add to your protein count for the day. They have bites for every flavor you can think of from red velvet to mint, fill your loved one’s basket this Valentine’s day with Sana Sweet Life to make their day even sweeter!



Lily's is the lovely brand that brings sweetness without the overly sugary bits! With their no sugar added chocolates, you can give your valentines a sweet treat that’s perfect for those who’re all about fitness and healthy eating, because what’s better than finding a perfect sweet treat that’s still aligned with your partner’s needs and lifestyle? Nothing! We’re sure your valentines will fall head over heels in love with Lily's, and not just for Valentine’s day but for any day of the week. Indulgence has never been sweeter, no more thinking that chocolate is just a guilty pleasure snack, with Lily's, you can have your treats and enjoy them thoroughly! Sweetened with stevia, Lily's chocolates are just as sweet without all the extra calories, and what’s even better is that their ingredients are all non-GMO and Lily’s chocolates are all ketogenic too. If you don’t want to stick with just chocolate bars, which Lily's has a variety of flavors ranging from extra dark mocha hot chocolate to birthday cake flavor, and your valentine’s loves to bake, try out some of their baking chips like their espresso baking chips!  



There’s a lot to love-o about LOVO, we just don’t know where to start, but why don’t we start by asking, do you fancy some premium swiss chocolates? Yes, you do, but is that Swiss chocolate dairy-free? Probably not, but LOVO is!  LOVO is all about the love of plant based goodness while still retaining the decadence of swiss milk chocolate by using the milk of plants as their creamy base when curating these deliciously sweet bars, and with the help and expertise of chocolatiers in Switzerland, which is the home of the classic milk chocolate! Vegan friendly, dairy-free and with lower sodium than the average chocolate, LOVO’s has got your back this Valentine’s day with their delicious chocolate bars that’ll just melt in your Valentine’s mouth as LOVO strives to maintain that same richness in every plant based bar they make. With flavors like hazelnut milk, oat milk and coconut milk, now you can stock up your valentine’s pantry with sweetness! 


Lesser Evil

Okay, so maybe your valentine’s isn’t about chocolate, we get it, it’s not for everyone no matter how healthy or good it is, some people just enough something different while still being healthy and that’s where Lesser Evil comes in, which is a brand prided on the fact that they’re, well, the Lesser Evil version of the snack industry today. They continually re-vamp and reimagine the classic snacks, most prominently, popcorn and  puffs, because what’s more classic than these snacks? Prime movie going snacks that you can mindlessly munch on while you’re cozying up watching all those valentine’s day movies with your loved ones, but what’s great about Lesser Evil is that they’re big fans of valentine’s day and have made an item that’s just for this holiday; Lesser Evil Organic Popcorn Sweetheart Multipack White Chocolate & Strawberry, 8 Pack which is a sweeter kind of popcorn that you can gift to your sweetie this Valentine’s day! 


And there you have it, a list of valentine’s day treats that you can give to those you love, from your partner to your friends and family, spread the love to all those that need it with these snacks during this lovely time of the year!

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