The Best Father's Day Gifts

The Best Father's Day Gifts

It's time to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend - Dad! This Father's Day, let's swap the "World's Best Dad" mug for something the he will actually want and make him feel like cool dad he really is!



It’s that time of year again to show some appreciation for all the old mans and pops and whatever other moniker dads have gotten throughout history. For those who have dads or people in your lives that you consider as a father or father-like figure, we can understand wanting to show them that it’s their time of year and that you care. Not sure what to give ol’ daddio though? No worries, we get it, and have compiled a list of health and lifestyle conscious products that you can add to your gift roster this Father’s Day. 


Got a dad who wants to grow a beard? Well Educated Beards beard and body care line may be just the thing for your pops. Regardless of the reason, beards require maintenance, just as the hair on our heads would, and beards growing out of the complex and sensitive skin of the face means extra precaution to take when growing one. Can’t really use shampoo and conditioner on their beard, well one can, but we’re not sure if their faces would particularly be soothed with the sometimes harsh chemicals that shampoos have to wick the natural oils that hair has. With Educated Beards beard care line, they made beard care with skin health at the forefront, using organic ingredients that won’t irritate the skin because there’s nothing worse than growing a beard on dry skin and the ever dreaded breadruff.  


How about a papa who travels the world? Or maybe just hikes a lot, either way, for those dads who camp, we got to make sure their hygiene regime is top tier no matter where life takes them. So if you’re looking for some everyday products for your traveling daddio, check out Every Man Jack, that strives to not only keep the every man in mind when making their products but also using as many plant based ingredients as possible when making their products because the best, most natural yields should be from mother nature herself. From beard balms to natural antiperspirant and deodorant, enjoy your travels with your dad and leave dry, itchy skin behind this Father’s day. 


Or for those dads who enjoy a cold one by the fireplace or while bbqing and want something sans the alcohol, give them the taste and feel of cracking a cold one without the beer bloat with a non-alcoholic craft beer that they can enjoy this Father’s Day while they’re grilling up a storm or enjoying the cool summer evenings without compromise on taste. Athletic Brewing will become your dad’s next favorite non-alcoholic beer brand with its all natural ingredients and made in small batches, carbonated perfection! From non-alcoholic ale to good ol’ non-alcoholic IPA, you can give your dad a fix of all sorts of non-alcoholic beers!


We hope these gifts put a smile on dad and father figure faces everywhere!    

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