The Best Foods to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

The Best Foods to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

When it comes to having a healthy, happy body, we don’t all have a magic wand, but we do have power over the foods that go into our bodies and eating the right foods can help to naturally balance your hormones to help you feel happier and healthier than ever!



With a chilly Canadian winter right outside our doors, taking care of ourselves and our bodies are becoming even more important nowadays! While it’s necessary to take care of our health year-round, with the elements getting a bit harsher out there, it’s become easier for our well-being to get compromised. One of the most essential ways to keep up your wellness is balancing your hormones!

Hormones play a crucial role in regulating various bodily functions, from metabolism and digestion to mood and reproductive health, so it's important to keep them in check. There are a lot of different factors that can cause hormonal imbalances including stress, lack of sleep, and exposure to toxins, one of the more significant factors is the food that we eat! Anything that you put in your body for nourishment can have a big impact on your hormone health, and while the other factors can sometimes be out of our control, we can do everything we can to control how we get our energy and what feels good for our bodies when it comes to digestion. That’s right, the food you eat can be your secret weapon in the fight against hormonal imbalances and boost up your overall well-being during not just the colder months, but all year long! But you may be wondering, where and how do I get started with this? Never fear, NaturaMarket is here to help!


Here are some of our favourite hormone-balancing foods that are easy to incorporate into your diet to get you started on your hormonal balance journey:


Leafy Greens

These nutrient-packed powerhouses are high in magnesium, which helps regulate insulin levels and keep hormones in balance. In fact, studies have shown that low magnesium levels can disrupt hormone levels and lead to insulin resistance. One of the easiest ways to get those greens in is, of course, to make a salad! You can sauté some spinach, or steam up some broccoli for a tasty and hormone-friendly meal, but there are other ways to get in those leafy greens. Nowadays, there are supplements and products that are infused with those nutrient-rich greens so that you can incorporate them into your or your loved ones diets, and can do so in a more seamless way, especially when you just don’t feel like a salad. If you’re making pasta, you can try a chickpea and greens type of pasta to swap, or if you’re just looking for a quick boost of greens, try out a greens supplements! You can also get greens gummy vitamins if you want to get your greens in a tasty, easy-to-chew vitamin treat!  


Fatty Fish

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel to name a few, help with the hormone production that regulates blood clotting, inflammation and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease as it aids in the contracting and relaxing of artery walls. Not only does it promote many benefits for your heart and blood, but it can also help in regulating your mood! These essential fatty acids have been shown to play a key role in balancing sugar levels, which is imperative in balancing brain function and mood regulation. Plus, they're a great source of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied! If fatty fish aren’t your jam though, there are other ways to get your omega-3 intake like chia seeds, flaxseeds, and hemp seeds! Or if seeds aren’t the vibe either, you can always opt for omega-3 vitamins, either way you get your intake, you’re doing your body and hormones some good with a boost of omega-3!    



Healthy fats are the sustenance for hormones, well, a good part of it anyways, so when it comes to wanting to regulate your hormones, be on the lookout for healthy fats! A powerhouse in the healthy fat world right now are Avocados! From your favourite guac to oil, avocado is versatile, delicious and not to mention packed with healthy fats that help regulate blood sugar levels and keep hormones in balance. They can help in reducing the absorption of estrogen and boost up testosterone levels, among many other benefits that this tasty fruit can provide! Whether you’re using it as an oil for cooking or to top on your salads, or you’re eating the fruit as it is, your body will get all the benefits that come from avocados’ healthy fats, so go ahead and treat your body to all the greatness of avocados - the possibilities are truly endless!


Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are another powerhouses when it comes to healthy fats and it’s an easy, take-on-the-go snack that you can have whenever you’re feeling peckish for something crunchy. They’re rich in poly and monounsaturated fats, which can assist in hormone and blood vessel health! Almonds, pumpkin seeds, and macadamia nuts to name just a few of the nuts and seeds that are high in healthy fats and minerals, all of which can lower cholesterol levels while still maintaining your blood sugar! From omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to vitamin E, nuts and seeds are a clean and healthy substitution for a snacky mood and what’s great is that you can just about find these anywhere and they’re versatile in uses! From salad toppings, or as an ingredient, or even as a quick snack that you can take anywhere with you whenever you need them, nuts and seeds make a great addition to any diet that allows them! 



I think we’ve all heard that beans are considered the musical fruit. Beans, lentils and chickpeas, among other legumes, are not only musical, but they are packed with fibre and protein and other essential minerals that help in regulating hormones! Not only that, but because these are high in fibre and protein, legumes can help you in feeling full for longer periods of time, which definitely satisfies your body and your mood! Various studies of legumes and their impact on hormonal imbalances have shown that a diet consisting of high in fibre items like legumes can help regulate hormone levels and improve your overall health as well! You can try adding them in a salad, made into a chili, or as a side dish to get that extra boost of energy in any dish you see fit!

Fermented Foods

It’s all about the gut when it comes to balancing our hormones and regulating our mood, and what’s better for your gut than foods and beverages that are packed with prebiotics and probiotics? Foods like kimchi, kefir, olives, sauerkraut, among many other fermented foods are rich in probiotics, which help in combating foods and factors that can affect the gut microbiome, and when your gut microbiome is under siege, your hormone levels start to change as well. This is why everyone says; from good foods come good moods! Including fermented foods and foods/beverages that are packed with probiotics help your gut and in turn, your hormone levels to keep you and your gut happy and healthy! If fermented foods aren’t the vibe for you, there are tons of great prebiotic and probiotic beverages like Poppi, Olipop, to name a few!  

Dark Chocolate

You know the saying; save the best for last! Well, of course, everything on this list is the best for your hormone levels but there’s something a little extra lovely about dark chocolate! As one of the most commonly enjoyed snacks out there today and being constantly revamped to become a versatile and enjoyable snack choice, dark chocolate is not only deeply delicious, but it’s also incredibly high in magnesium, which helps regulate insulin levels and keep hormones in balance.  

It also contains antioxidants that can help reduce stress and improve mood. Just be sure to choose a dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa to maximize the health benefits!


And there you have it! A list to get you started on your hormonal balance journey. We hope that you’re able to find some reliable favourites among this list of many great and healthy items for you and your body’s well-being throughout the year!

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