The Ultimate Healthy Movie Snacks Guide

The Ultimate Healthy Movie Snacks Guide

Snacks can make or break your viewing experience because what you choose to eat is just as important as what you choose to watch! Start your next TV show binge and movie marathon with our round-up of healthy movie snacks! 


Cozy up on your couch with a blanket and some snacks for your stay in movie night! Now for some of us, or rather most of us, we can’t have a true movie night without a spread of snacks. While the go to snack for any movie night is the age old popcorn, doused in buttery goodness, sometimes butter popcorn just doesn’t call to us. When we’re looking for new movie snacks, there’s just so much to consider, especially when it comes to snacking with intention, or when we’ve made necessary lifestyle changes for the betterment of our health. Just because we’ve made these changes doesn’t mean we should have to omit one of the best things about seeing a movie; the snacks! Now that there are thousands of brands out there that are focused on making products for the modern diets, there’s sure to be something out there that aligns with making your best movie night experience! Don’t know where to start looking though? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this healthy movie night snacks guide! 



Pull out the red carpet for a fan favourite; Popcorn! 

Alright, so maybe your snack love lies with the ever classic popcorn, it’s a given, we get it! Sometimes it’s hard to give other snacks a try when you’ve found comfort in the tried and true snacks, but you can still definitely elevate your popcorn game with a few game changing brands and flavors that’ll make you more invested in the flavors of your snack than the movie itself! 

With inspirations pulled from the pop art movement, founders Mike and Venessa wanted their love of this art movement to speak to the masses in a fun, and delicious way, and thus Pop Art Snacks was born! With non-GMO ingredients, Pop Art Snacks come in delicious and unique flavors, as experimental as the groundbreaking pop art movement. Change up your snack roster with this popcorn brand, and trust us, you’ll be saying “butter? I hardly knew her!” by the time you’ve reached the end of the bag before the ending credits of the movie! 

As their namesake suggests, Lesser Evil is a brand known for their groundbreaking popcorn and puffs to be the “lesser evil” compared to their conventionally made counterparts, but they’re definitely more than just the lesser evil, they’re ultimately a greater good with their non-GMO ingredients to make their popcorn! Not only do these popcorn pop in a variety of flavors, but made with healthy ingredients so that you can indulge freely! Lesser Evil is all about versatile, healthy snacking for any age, so of course how could we not include it in this movie night snacking guide? Lesser Evil snacks are the family friendly snacks for a family movie night!   



It’s a sweet movie night when the chocolates come out!

Some of us like it salty, some of us like it sweet, chocolate is another almost necessary addition to this list that we simply couldn’t ignore when thinking about movie night snacks. They also say chocolate snacks are the number one snack to munch on whenever a romance is on, but of course, it isn’t exclusive to just romance, but if you’re indulging in a sweeter side for your movie night and want something equally as sweet, here’s a few healthy chocolate snacks to consider! 

  • Raisin’ the bar on movie night with Nud chocolate covered snacks!

I think we can all agree that anything covered in chocolate has to be good, and Nud definitely proves that with their chocolate covered raisins and dates! Wholly organic and covered in a rich and darkly sweet chocolate coating to bring out the natural tartness of their fruit centers, you can enjoy a truly nourishing, simple snack made with wellness in mind. With no sugar added, these keto chocolatey snacks are the perfect, decadent snack to accompany any romance movie, tangled together with your partner. Feel Nud-ing but the best when you snack your movie time away with Nud chocolate covered snacks! 

  • Watch all the fiction with Unreal chocolates!

Got a lineup of fiction, fantasy, all the unreal, magical films you probably grew up watching almost too much in your youth that you’re rehashing for memory’s sake? Unreal chocolate snacks will be with you at every turn, every twist, and ever oop–jump scare! Made with non-GMO ingredients, Unreal comes with so many different types of chocolate snacks, the only thing you’ll be worrying about is which one you’ll end up finishing by the end of the movie! Unreal chocolates are so good that it’s unreal!

  • Get through those heartbreakers with some Lily's!

Sometimes movies allow us the opportunity for a good cry sesh, and chocolate is there with us to soothe you through the sad bits! With Lily's non sugar added chocolates, you’ll still get the sweet that knocks the tears away without the crash from a sugar high. Lily's has bars, balls, chips, cups, so many chocolates, so little time to sift through which one’s going to be your go to movie snack from now on! 



Chew, chew through those funnies with these gummies! 

Laugh out loud at those comedies with healthy gummy candies! Sometimes popcorn or chocolate just doesn’t do it when those movie night cravings hit, so another fan favorite that’s stocked on the theater shelves at the concession stands are gummy candies! Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, and these options are sure to be healthier!

  • Smooch away those Hallmark movies with Kiss My Keto gummies!

You’ll be kissing up a storm on movie night with these Kiss My Keto gummies! Keto friendly and high in fiber, these gummies are the perfect, chewy candy snack to eat during any movie, not just those romance flicks! Kiss My Keto gummy candies are the perfect amount of sweet and tart without an overload of carbs or sugar! 

  • Snack through those brain teasers with Smartsweets!  

These gummies are perfect for any movie night, chewy, tart, sour and not to mention smart! Smartsweets are made with non-GMO ingredients, have a lower sugar content than their conventional counterparts, and are a great snack to add to your movie night roster! Kick those sugar cravings away and enjoy a smarter gummy, high fiber and gluten free, Smartsweets are here for you on those stay in movie nights!



Queso who’s the killer in those thriller flicks with some nachos and Queso!

Mysteries, thrillers, and nachos, oh my! Sit on the edge of your seat watching those tantalizing films that have you holding your breath until the big reveal at the end with some nachos! Nachos are easy to make and not to mention delicious too, and the cheese? Who can forget the cheese when making nachos? But for those of us who can’t have cheese, or dairy, here’s a few alternatives to make your best nacho platter ever!

  • Justo's will have you never looking back on cheese!

Plant based and delicious, Justo's keto, plant based queso is the perfect addition for any nacho platter! Dip it, plop it, drizzle it, the uses for this queso are endless. Who needs artificial cheese when you can have a plant-based queso from Justo's that tastes just as great and is healthier to boot? You’ll be able to indulge again in nachos without all the preservatives! 

Another game changing queso comes from Primal Kitchen! Entirely dairy-free, plant based and oh so delicious, you’ll find yourself adding a double helping of this queso without question for your nachos! And if you like a little heat in your dairy-free queso, try their spicy queso for a kick of heat to keep you on your toes watching those thrillers! 



No movie night can be complete without the perfect beverage! 

Last but certainly not least in this list of movie snacks to enjoy during your night are beverages! Nothing beats the popcorn and soda combos at the theaters, but we’re looking for bubbles with a purpose, meaningful, healthy beverages to go along with our equally healthy snacks for this list and these brands have just the right bubbles! 

  • Prebiotics for the pre-show, anybody? Olipop’s got those and then some! 

   Olipop’s are the bubbles with purpose! Loaded with prebiotics for your gut’s microbiome, this is the drink to go with any snack, and lets you feel great while munching and sipping away! Olipop’s a game changing beverage that conveniently allows you to get in those necessary nutrients and minerals in an easy and not to mention delicious way! Lower in sugar and vegan friendly, Olipop’s tonic beverages are a must have in any movie night snack list!

  • Poppi’s the blockbuster of the soda world! 

When you’re debating for the perfect beverage to pair with your movie snacks, make sure you don’t pass up Poppi! Another prebiotic powerhouse that uses the benefits of apple cider vinegar to aid in digestion and real fruit juices for flavor. All natural, vegan friendly, Poppi is the pop with benefits and we’re all about that because there’s nothing better than a happy tummy! 


And there you have it, a whole snack guide for your next movie night, and now that you’ve sifted through this guide and found your perfect snack or snack combo, now it’s just a matter of which movie you’re thinking of watching!  

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