Your Guide To The Best Instant Noodles

Your Guide To The Best Instant Noodles

From bold flavours that pack a punch to mind-boggling varieties that'll have you saying, "Wait, they make instant noodles like that?!" – we've left no noodles unturned in this culinary quest for the best instant noodles around! Grab your chopsticks and get ready for a slurp-worthy adventure! 


Fancy yourself some noodles but don’t know where to start looking to get the most oomph out of your dishes? Like us, noodles come in so many different variations that sometimes it’s hard to keep up and especially to find a noodle that works best for you and your diet, but fret not, for we at Natura Market had pulled together a variety of the healthiest instant noodle brands on the market today because we get how hard it is to find foods that work best for you, especially when you’re working with a specific diet. Here are a few brands that you can start your instant noodle journey with!



For any kind of noodle, KOYO has got your back! With an endless love of noodles, KOYO is working hard to revolutionize the way you enjoy your noodle dishes, one recipe at a time! With a selection of udon, soba and white rice noodles that you can use for any occasion, you can get your pickings any day of the week with their wide selection! KOYO noodles have no MSG, are entirely vegan and wholesomely made! The possibilities are endless with this healthier noodle brand and you don’t have to worry about sticking to one kind of noodle because they’ve made a good assortment that you can add to almost any dish! Not only are their noodles healthier and organic, they have almost the equivalent or sometimes even shorter cooking times so you can devote your time to other things throughout the day!


Lotus Foods 

Like the Lotus flower, we are ever changing and blooming, even when we’re fighting tummy troubles when we’re trying to find what works well with our diets, and Lotus Foods completely understands that. Organically made, gluten-free and vegan friendly, Lotus Food’s noodles come in a variety of different types like traditional pho noodles, pad thai noodles, and their rice ramen noodles so that you can enjoy a great selection right off the bat, and feel great about it because Lotus Foods is a sustainable rice company that offers fantastic and sustainable products that are sourced from family farmers worldwide! Lotus Foods’ continuing mission is to change how rice is grown around the world by building strong partnerships worldwide to bring us high quality noodles all while promoting organic agriculture, and rice biodiversity! 


Sea Tangle Noodle Company  

Sometimes only having one kind of noodle is all it takes to meet all your noodle needs! Made from the kelp of the sea, Sea Tangle’s kelp noodles come as a versatile instant noodle that can be used in every circumstance! Not only that but because these noodles are made from a sea vegetable, they’re fat-free, gluten-free and very low in calories and carbs! Can you find a better noodle than that? We think not! You can have it stir-fried, in noodle salads, or even used in a hearty broth to make noodle soup, the possibilities stretch and wide as the sea far for these kelp noodles! And these noodles are probably one of the most instant types of noodles you can enjoy, all you need to do is rinse them and add them to any dish and viola! You have a meal so quick and ready that by the time you blink, it’s already prepared! 



An up and coming juggernaut in the instant noodle game, Momofuku comes from the brilliant mind of restaurateur David Chang and his love of cuisine. Made with 3 delectable flavors, these instant, air-dried A-sha noodles are vegan friendly, high in protein and plant based! With only 4 minutes needed to prepare, these noodles retain the same if not shorter cooking time so you can really make them almost instantly! These wavy noodles are perfect for those who like a little heat with their instant noodles so if you’re one who loves a little fire, you can enjoy flavors like tingly chili, spicy soy, and soy and scallion that are captured perfectly in Momofuku’s noodles! And what’s great about these instant noodles is that they can not only compliment another meal, they can also be a standalone meal and you can still get a good amount of protein from each serving. We love ourselves a versatile instant noodle!   


And there you have it, a list of instant noodles that you can integrate into your noodle dishes or enjoy as standalone meals! No matter what our diet entails, we should be able to enjoy any kind of food out there without compromising taste, and instant noodles, for a lot of us, is definitely one of the foods that end up being cut out for a variety of reasons. Now with up and coming brands evolving the food game, there’s never a time to say no to instant noodles!  

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