The Best Gifts For The Fitness Lover In Your Life

The Best Gifts For The Fitness Lover In Your Life

Do you know someone whose idea of relaxation is a killer workout? Finding the perfect gift for the fitness lover in your life can be a sweat-inducing challenge, but we've done all the heavy lifting so you can sit back, relax, and pump up the fun!



Holiday shopping is a dream for some and an absolute nightmare for others, and we totally get it. Sometimes for some of us out there, it’s tough to find the perfect gift, and with the holidays quickly approaching, we know we’re put in a position where we need to think about how to surprise our loved ones! If you have a loved one who’s super into fitness and are wondering what to get them, don’t worry, because we got a few suggestions that we’re absolutely sure your fitness besties will love!   


High Protein Snacks

Protein is usually one of the biggest macronutrients that our fitness besties gear their diets towards, well, even if you’re not into fitness, protein is still definitely very important for any diet, but fitness besties just get it down to a science when it comes to their protein intake. For those fitness pals who can’t have protein that’s derived from an animal source though, and are always looking out for plant based protein snacks, ALOHA’s high plant based protein, organic snack bars may be just the thing for them! ALOHA’s bars are the best of both worlds of food; indulgent and nutrient dense with a plant based protein blend that yields around 14g of protein per serving! Not only that, but it's chock full of those good, healthy fats as well, so not only will your bestie enjoy a nice treat but feel fuller and greater about it! If you’re looking for a high protein snack with no added sugar, Barbells are just the thing to get for your fitness pal! With a whopping 20g of protein per serving, these bars are both hard hitters in the protein game and will also keep your friend’s energy up while they’re hitting those reps hard! Or, if your friend is looking for something low sugar for their protein intake, PhD Smart Bars are the perfect, low sugar option as a high protein snack, and even better as a gift! What better way to surprise your fitness pal with not only a delicious gift but a practical and necessary one too? If bars aren’t their fancy though and they’re more of a shake it and go type of fitness savant, Alani Nu has some great high protein shakes that your friend can use as an energizer and to get some more protein in their systems more seamlessly!   



Fitness is all about feeling great regardless of whatever goal that’s set. Whether you’re working towards a high rep count or going longer on cardio, or working on flexibility, there are so many different facets of fitness that aren't just powering through or repping until you physically can’t anymore. Regardless, the common denominator between all points of fitness is soreness, especially when we’re focused on continually improving ourselves. Fitness, as great as it is, is still a strenuous activity, regardless of what you’re doing, so what better way to celebrate your gym rat bestie than with supplements? Whether it’s a pre workout, a post workout recovery supplement, protein powder, creatine supplements, or a superfood green supplement, surprise your bestie this holiday season with the gift of helping them through their resting days and to elevate their work out sessions at the gym! Supplements, as broad of a category that it is, all winnows down to one common goal; to get you through the day whether you’re working up a sweat with your fitness bestie because they decided to finally drag you to the gym with them (why you let them convince them, you’ll never know), or just trying to get through your day, supplements are a great and practical gift to surprise your fitness pal with!    


Energy Drinks

Energy, energy, we all love it, we all need it. Energy drinks are definitely a great way to surprise your fitness bestie this holiday season. Of course, there’s usually a negative connotation when talking about energy drinks, but now with the changing times and ever evolving dietary world, a lot of brands have come forth to re-invent the classic energy drink, straying from those high grams of sugars and empty carbs and instead utilizing the most of natural energy sources that can be found! If you’re looking for a vegan alternative to energy drinks to give your bestie, Alani Nu’s got your bestie’s back with their energy drinks. With fun and interesting flavors like blue slush, watermelon wave and cosmic stardust to name a few, you can give your fitness bestie a holiday cheer this season with an array of vegan and also gluten free energy drinks! Or if you’re on the hunt for energy drinks that have no added sugars, No Sugar Company's joy burst energy drinks will not only keep your bestie’s energy up throughout their workout and day without relying on a huge amount of sugar like conventional energy drinks do, and they also come in great flavors like lime, frose rose, and grape to name a few of them! Fill your fitness bestie’s cart with all these great and energizing goodies so that they can power through their next work out!     


Remember, the best gifts are the ones that show you know your fitness pal’s passion for all things healthy and great. We hope you’re able to find something great for them this holiday season!

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