How To Pick The Right Dried Meat Snack For You

How To Pick The Right Dried Meat Snack For You

Are you a big meat eater? Love a good meat snack to satisfy your cravings during the day? Well, you may be surprised to know that not all meat snacks are created equally. Find out what important things you should look for in a dried meat snack, and what you should avoid when picking the right meat snack!


So, you’re a meat fanatic. You eat meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and wish that you could have it as a snack too. For you, your dream snack is a juicy 4 oz. steak or a chicken breast cooked to perfection, but, you haven’t figured out how to eat these meats on-the-go yet. You could try to pull out your nine oz steak while you’re on the bus home from the gym, or snag a bite of your favourite meat when no one is looking, but what if there was an easier way? Luckily, the meat gods have sent their angels down and blessed us with delicious meat snacks for at home or on-the-go. However, as meat connoisseurs ourselves, we know that not all meat snacks are the same. So, we’ve uncovered the details to help you pick the best meat snack for you! Check it out:

How Do You Make Meat Snacks?

Believe it or not, meat snacks are one of the oldest snacks known to mankind. Curing, smoking, and dehydrating meat have all been a common practice for centuries. The art of processing meat has been passed down through generations, however several variations of it exist. Nonetheless, the fundamental process remains the same. In general, meat snacks start off with a piece of meat, that is then sliced, marinated, and dried. The marinate or flavouring process is the main stage that allows each meat snack to differentiate itself from the crowd. 

Types of Meat Snacks:

Not only can meat snacks differentiate in flavour, but they also have other attributes that can contribute to its uniqueness and to your overall experience with a meat snack:

  • Type of Meat: Beef is the most popular kind of meat found in meat snacks. Nonetheless, you can find meat snacks made from bison, chicken, turkey, deer, pork, and even alligator. 
  • Meat Snack Format: Meat snacks are available in all shapes and sizes. Some come as sticks, others as strips, and others as small bites.
  • Texture: Some meat snacks have a tough and chewy texture that might be good for you if you’re a fast eater or enjoy a good chew. While other meat snacks are soft and easy to chew, which may be a good choice if you’re running late, not looking for a jaw workout, or if you enjoy a more tender kind of meat. 
  • Dry or Moist: If you’re looking to keep your hands clean then a meat snack that is a little bit more dry and flakey may be in order. But, if you don’t mind getting into the action you could enjoy a moist and flavourful meat snack that is finger-licking good!

Are Dried Meat Snacks Healthy?

The answer is yes! Dried meat snacks are an excellent source of protein and other key nutrients like iron, potassium, and calcium. But, as we mentioned before, not all meat snacks are equal. There are some things that you want to watch out for when choosing a meat snack:

  • The Use of Antibiotics: Overconsumption of meat with heavy usage of antibiotics may cause you to develop resistance to certain bacteria, leading to recurrent infections that may not be responsive to general antibacterial treatment.
  • The Livestock’s Living Conditions: Meat snacks produced from free-range and/or grass-fed livestock may be more nutrient dense than meat from livestock raised in captivity. 
  • The Use of Steroids & Growth Hormones: Overconsumption of meat treated with steroids/hormones may alter your hormone levels and cause disruptions in your bodily systems. 
  • The Use of GMOs: The food given to livestock is just as important as the livestock itself. Some livestock receive food with GMOs which can pass through the food chain and end up in your body. Food with GMOs can place you at risk of developing allergies or decrease your ability to fight illness.
  • The Presence of Nitrates & Nitrites: Continuous overconsumption of dried meat with high levels of nitrates and/or nitrites may increase your risk of developing diseases like cancer and heart disease. 

To ensure that you’re getting only the best of the best, look for meat snacks created with grass-fed or free-range livestock, without antibiotics, steroids, hormones or GMOs, and free or low in nitrates and nitrites. You can find a delicious and healthy meat snack selection here

The Perfect Meat Snack For You:

As mentioned above, meat snacks come in a variety of textures, shapes, and flavours. To help you identify which meat snack is best for your preferences, we’ve broken down the details of our top healthy meat snacks choices below:

Chomps: Chomps offers grass-fed beef snacks in stick form. These meat sticks are drier and chewier in texture, and the perfect size to fit into your bag mess-free. Available with a mild spicy flavour, these beef sticks ring in at 90 calories and 9g of protein per stick. These beef sticks are free of added sugars, net carbs, gluten, and are keto, paleo, and Whole30 friendly.  

BUFF: BUFF also offers a 100% grass-fed beef snack, but with a small twist. BUFF uses premium Canadian bison beef in their paleo meat snacks. Bison beef is high in selenium, which is known for boosting one’s mood and improving cognitive function. Made from clean, simple ingredients without any gluten or nitrates, BUFF is a low-carb, keto-friendly snack made to perform. High in protein and packed with just enough smoke and spice to elevate your taste buds, BUFF’s dried meat snacks are great for study breaks, post-workout fuel ups, and on-the-go snacking!

Meat Chops: Meat Chops is an excellent choice for anyone that is looking to add a little variety to their meat snack collection. Meat Chops offers two distinct meat snacks with two different types of free-range meat, elk and bison. With Meat Chops you get the opportunity to not only try a different type of meat, but also to try a different type of meat format. Meat Chops offers both meat sticks and bites that are keto-friendly and high in protein. One delicious serving of these meat snacks earns you approximately 8g of protein, and plenty of heart-healthy potassium and iron. 

Beretta: Beretta meat snacks give you lots of protein and lots of flavour options in a convenient package! Available as meat sticks or beef jerky, Beretta creates their flavourful meat snacks using artisanal cuts of Canadian grass-fed beef. These tasty beef snacks are free of hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, and steroids, and are entirely keto-friendly and gluten-free. With Beretta, you can experience multiple flavours, textures, and moisture levels. Choose from a sweet, dry, and delightfully chewy meat snack to a spicy, juicer, and more tender beef snack; No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

Nick's Sticks:Simple, straightforward ingredients, and nothing to hide... Nick's Sticks are the perfect grab n' go keto meat sticks! Handcrafted in small batches, with high quality, 100% grass fed beef, these gluten-free meat snacks are satisfying and feature a delicious flavour profile. 

Key Take-Aways:

Now that you have all the details, you’re ready to unleash your inner omnivore and start eating your favourite protein around-the-clock! When choosing your next meat snack, ensure to look for products that are free of hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, and nitrates/nitrites. And, to boost your nutrition, choose meat snacks made with grass-fed or free-range meat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the flavours, textures, compositions, and types of meat to find the perfect healthy meat snack for you! Find your new favourite here!

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