School-Friendly, Allergen-Free Snack Brands

School-Friendly, Allergen-Free Snack Brands

Classes are back in session and with our line-up of the best allergen-free snack brands, you're on your way to earning an A+ in school snacking!



Allergies! They’re everywhere nowadays and parents who are sending their kiddos back to school are having to face a tough battle of what can be brought as snacks and lunches that still adhere to the allergy list most schools have in effect. Here at Natura Market, we understand how tough it is to find suitable foods and snacks for specialized diets, even more so when it comes to the items that make their way inside the kiddo’s lunch boxes, which is why we’ve compiled a helpful list of products and brands that are considered either “Free of the Top 11 allergens” or “Free of the Top 8 Priority allergens” so that way you can fill your kiddo’s lunch boxes without the hassle of worrying whether they are allergen-free or not!


Oat Haus

With a fascination with nutrition, Oat Haus’s founder, Ali, followed her passion throughout her school years, studying nutrition and the benefits of optimal nutrition during her university years. It was during this learning period that she found out just how rigid “proper” nutrition was and how strict and limited the choices were for those who wanted to follow a “healthy” diet, thus falling into an eating disorder that she battled with every day for 10 years. During her recovery, Ali learned that nutrition shouldn’t be about restrictions or deficits, but instead feeling good about what people choose to put in their bodies, and the nutrition that comes with things like healthy fats, carbs, calories, etc, so she began re-introducing fun and nutritious foods back into her diet, only to realize that she couldn’t tolerate nut-based spreads. After her searches yielded nothing that suited her needs, she decided to make her own line using oats and thus Oat Haus was born! Oat Haus is perfect as a spread, drizzle, or can be a great accompaniment to fruits as a dip! No more worrying about PB and J’s when your kiddos can start bringing OB and Js instead, and with fun flavors like cookie dough, strawberry shortcake and cinnamon roll, your kiddo can have a fun surprise for every lunch and snack period, and what’s great about Oat Haus is that their oat butters are free of the top 8 priority allergens which makes these spreads perfect for school!


Healthy Crunch

Healthy Crunch is the brand that has just about everything you need for your child’s lunch box, from a variety of seed butters to crispy squares that they can enjoy as a snack, you’ll never need to hunt the grocery aisles for the perfect snacks for the school year! Healthy Crunch was founded with the ‘real foods makes you feel read good both inside and out’ concept and to this day are still living up to this ideal with every product they make! Proudly Canadian and made with locally sourced ingredients, the Healthy Crunch line is here to change the way you and your kiddos snack forever! No more worrying or doubting that what you’re putting in your child’s lunch box is unhealthy or not allergen-free because Healthy Crunch was made with these core ideas in mind. Every one of their products are vegan, plant-based and of course, big 8 allergen free so you can pack your child’s lunch box with all the essential nutrients and deliciousness that they can enjoy through their school days completely worry-free! 



Another big 8 allergen-free brand is MadeGood! Starting through humble roots from three siblings who shared the same mindset when it came to meaningful, healthy and not to mention delicious eating! They wanted to change the healthy snack game forever so they pooled their knowledge while adapting three core values within their statement; inclusivity, high quality and sustainability, and created MadeGood to do some good in the world and to everyone who lives on this floating rock! All of MadeGood’s products are big 8 allergen free, organic, and nutrient dense from veggies! From allergen-free cookies to granola bars, your kid's lunch box will be jam packed with healthy and delicious snacks that you don’t have to worry about wondering if they’re aligned with the allergen list, MadeGood has done all the heavy lifting for you! All you need to think about is which one will be chosen to add as a snack for your kiddo’s mid-day snack! 


We hope that you and your kiddo will be able to find allergen-free snacks that’ll keep their lunch boxes exciting everyday throughout the school year! 

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