What is Dry January and Its Benefits

What is Dry January and Its Benefits

Welcome to Dry January – where we explore the sober side of life and discover why trading your cocktail shaker for a non-alcoholic mocktail will have you feeling better than ever! The best part? No hangovers!



Along with a swell of New Year's resolutions comes a resolution that a lot of us strive to keep to: cutting out booze and giving our livers a break, among a myriad of other great benefits that cutting back on alcohol will do for the rest of your body! There are a lot of us who love alcohol for a variety of reasons, it’s usually what everyone has in their cups in social settings, it loosens us up, it brings that fuzzy, mirthful feeling of drunkenness and as great as it may be in the moment, the next morning is not that great of a time. There’s no worse feeling than waking up with a hangover, everything’s heightened but in the worst ways possible; the sun’s too bright, sounds are too loud, smells are too strong, all of this right in the morning, it’s no wonder why people would rather not want to experience that, even with how great the night before was. The problem that a lot of people face when making this sort of resolution though is the thought of feeling like the outlier in social settings, the awkwardness of asking and sticking to water rather than imbibing in libations with everyone else, so some people choose to trudge on, regardless of how they feel in the morning, but nowadays, a lot of brands and product creators understanding and going through this same struggle, have created products that work in social settings without the need of alcohol! Not only will you overcome the social hurdle of keeping it clean for the night, but you’ll also find some unexpected, great benefits of participating in Dry January!  


Who needs cocktails when you can hone your mocktail craft?

Cocktails are out and mocktails are in for Dry January! Still want to feel like the life of the party all throughout January but want to stick to your resolution to cut back on booze? Mocktails are going to be your number one bestie throughout January and it’s also a great time to learn a new skill too! Rather than buying overpriced alcoholic beverages at a bar, gather your friends over at your place and show off your mixology skills of a non alcoholic kind. Get yourself some mixers like Betty Buzz or some sparkling water like Geez Louise as your base and go ham with mixing up some fancy mocktails for your friends and family! Not only will you be sticking to your Dry January goals, you’ll learn something new (which is also always a New Year’s Resolution in its own right) and still have the time of your life as you gab with your besties over drinks, no alcohol required! 


Be more focused and productive!

It goes without saying that living that booze-free life definitely helps with your focus and attention, but to embellish a bit more as to why exactly this happens. First off, no more hangovers, which means no more wasting time in the morning trying to do at home remedies and just sitting with all the bad feelings that come with being hungover, none of the headaches or stomach troubles or dehydration, no more waking up already having to nurse last night’s wounds. It’s taxing and tiresome to wake up feeling hungover, and when you go dry, the first thing you’ll notice is no more of them and the beauty in waking up feeling refreshed and when you’re feeling great right off the bat, of course, you’ll end up being more productive! Sticking to a dry January can also help you focus, not only in general but also will help with your focus in maintaining other goals, like any gym or health oriented goals because your brain will no longer have to strain itself to recuperate after a night of drinking! Not only that, but doing a dry January also automatically cuts back on caloric intake which can assist with those health and wellness goals that some of us set up for in January! 


No booze? No need! 

Now you may be wondering how you could entertain during dry January and we get it, while we want to stick to our health goals, we still also want to be able to enjoy events with friends and the like. Making changes to our lifestyles doesn’t always mean that others will do the same, and nobody wants to feel like they’re on the outside looking in. Rather than stick to water for a night of celebration, spice things up with some non alcoholic beverages! Here are a few brands that you can look into for Dry January:


Sober Carpenter: the brand that tastes so good, you’ll forget that they’re non-alcoholic! Made by two brothers who had also gone through some lifestyle changes who still wanted to experience all the fun just without the booze. From non-alcoholic craft cider to non-alcoholic craft beer IPA, Sober Carpenter is here to help you throughout your Dry January journey!    


Gruvi: Have a groovy time with Gruvi! They’ve got an assortment of non alcoholic beverages from craft beer to sparkling wine rose, they’ve got your back for any occasion with their award winning non-alcoholic beverages!  


So, there you have it! Dry January isn't just a trend; it's a complete self-love lifestyle upgrade and one step closer to a healthier, happier you. Embrace the alcohol-free lifestyle this January and all throughout the year, cheers!

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