What Are Sprouted Grains And Why They Are Better For You

What Are Sprouted Grains And Why They Are Better For You

The world of bread can be complex, and the term "sprouted grain" may sound intimidating. But we're here to demystify the buzz around sprouted grain bread and reveal why it's the coolest thing since, well....sliced bread!

What is there to say about sprouted wheat, the unsung hero of grains? There’s actually a lot of things to say about sprouted wheat, and it goes more beyond the whole ‘it’s healthy for you’, which it definitely is, but if you’re holding some reservations about if sprouted wheat is that great, then not to worry, because we’re here to tell you all about all the benefits of sprouted wheat! 


But first, we’ll touch on what exactly sprouted wheat is and what makes it different from whole wheat, and the difference is the germination process that sprouted wheat goes through! By soaking whole wheat grains in water and using the correct temperature and storage conditions, the whole wheat grains will begin to sprout out of the grain, beginning a new cycle of germination, and it's because of this germination process that sprouted grains are that much more nutritious than their unsprouted counterparts. Not only that, but by sprouting grains, it also breaks down those antinutrients like phytic acid to nurture a new life cycle, but it also allows you to get the most nutrients, vitamins and minerals from every part of the grain; germ, sprout and bran while also making it a bit more digestible! Not only does it unlock a fuller potential of whole grains, but it also makes absorbing nutrients like fiber easier because sprouted grains are more digestible, and of course, don’t get us started on the taste! Still not convinced? No worries, here’s a list of all the reasons why you should consider choosing sprouted wheat over the rest! 


Nutrient Dense

It goes without saying that sprouted wheat is a nutrient powerhouse, but getting further into this aspect of this super grain, there’s so much more about it, it's loaded with vitamins and minerals like B-vitamins, fiber, and essential minerals like magnesium and zinc, the list goes on! On top of being loaded with all these great nutrients, sprouted wheat is also known for having a lesser starch content than other grains, which can also make it easier to digest as well! On top of providing all this good stuff and being easier to digest, (there’s still more) sprouted wheat also contains more antioxidants, which makes this a great grain that not only feels great to consume but also helps you in feeling great! 


Protein and Energy Booster

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the dreaded 3pm slump period? It’s common among so many different people, something about late afternoons just shifts something in our bodies that we immediately get sleepy. Though, that’s usually because we just finished having lunch so not only do our bodies have to maintain its energy into doing all that we need to get done before 5pm, but now has to devote energy in digesting your lunch, which, unless it’s a nutrient dense, energizing meal, can make for a more sleepy attitude as the afternoon ends. Well, say goodbye to those sleepy afternoons with sprouted wheat! Sprouted wheat actually has a lower glycemic index, which means it helps in keeping your blood sugar levels in check. Not only that, but sprouted wheat is dense in protein as well, which makes it a great option for those of us who are on a plant-based or vegetarian diet and need to get a boost in our daily protein intake!    


Versatile and Yummy

The beauty in sprouted wheat is that many brands nowadays are coming up with ways to incorporate this grain into their line. Take the brand Silver Hills for example, whose line consists of sprouted whole grains! Their line of breads consists of a bread for every occasion; hamburger buns, hot dog buns, bagels and just up classic breads for sandwiches and toast, and each is made from organic sprouted oats milled and made to perfection! But of course, bread isn’t the only way to get in some sprouted wheat, if you’re a baker or just like baking things for yourself, then there’s also sprouted whole wheat flour that you can use as a base for all your baking needs! Make yourself your own bread or cakes or cookies, anything you fancy with this wheat flour and you’ll get your fill of sprouted wheat goodness when you’re indulging in something sweet, isn’t that the best kind of treat? Speaking of treats, sprouted wheat can definitely be a treat, especially for those of us who enjoy bringing a nuttier and sweeter flavor to their baking and breads. Of course, it’s not so intense that it changes the baked goods or dish, but there’s still that nice hint of sweetness that you may definitely get once you start eating, so enjoy as you want! 


To sum it all up, sprouted wheat is definitely something you want to add to your kitchen pantry. It's a nutrient-packed, energy-boosting powerhouse grain that’ll make your meals and baked goods healthier and more exciting, so why not give it a try?


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