Keto-Friendly Crispy Habanero Mango Chicken Wings

Keto-Friendly Crispy Habanero Mango Chicken Wings

Crispy, sweet, and with a little kick — These seasoned, gluten-free wings are shallow fried for maximum crispiness, and tossed with G Hughes Keto-Friendly Mango Habanero Sauce for a delicious sweet heat. Double the recipe, because they're definitely going to disappear fast!


Gluten Free, Keto

Serves 2



¼ Cup arrowroot starch

2 Teaspoons smoked paprika

1 Teaspoon dried parsley

1 Teaspoon garlic powder

1 Teaspoon onion powder

½  Teaspoon salt

¼ Teaspoon black pepper

1 Pound split chicken wings

4-6 Tablespoons avocado oil

⅓ Cup G Hughes Mango Habanero Sauce

2 Tablespoons clarified butter, melted

Juice of 1 small lime

⅓ Cup fresh diced mango

Cilantro, for garnish



1. Combine the starch, spices, salt and pepper in a bowl. Mix well. Sprinkle the mixture over the chicken wings, and toss together, making sure all surfaces are covered.

2. Heat the oil in a shallow pan over medium-high heat. Once the oil is hot, add the chicken wings and cook for 10-12 minutes, flipping halfway through, until golden brown and crispy on both sides. Their internal temperature should be 165℉.

3. Remove the wings and set aside on a paper towel lined plate to soak up excess oil. Meanwhile, preheat the broiler on high.

4. Combine the Mango Habanero Sauce and melted butter in a large bowl. Toss the wings in the sauce, and transfer to a prepared baking tray. Broil for just 2 minutes a side, until sauce is sticky and bubbling, then remove from broiler.

5. Squeeze the lime juice over the wings, and add mango, and cilantro. Toss to mix, and serve!




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