The Best Foods for Your Favorite Summer Activities

The Best Foods for Your Favorite Summer Activities

Summer is finally here! It's time to get out there and enjoy the amazing weather. Whether you're camping or having a pool party, we've rounded up the best snacks and easiest meals for all your favourite activities! Spend more time relaxing and less time in the kitchen! 

It’s finally here, everyone’s favourite season: Say Hello to Summer! Time to get the pool ready, load up the camper, and pack your picnic basket. But wait, before you do, we don’t want any of your planned activities this Summer to be a stressful one, which is why we’ve created an easy guide to the best foods to make for your favourite summer activity, so you can spend more time having fun this Summer, doing all the things you love!

1. Pool Party

Poooool Party!! We know you’ve been waiting all year to open up your pool and have your friends over for a splash. In Canada, our Summer months are short and so you’ve got to take advantage of the time you do have to take a dip (or a dive) in the pool! If you’re looking to host some people over for a swim in your pool, you’re going to want to supply some snacks and drinks to keep their hunger satisfied as well!

Here’s what you’re going to need to host the most epic pool party in the neighbourhood:

Easy Meals

No one wants to spend too much time cooking, not when everyone’s in the pool playing a game of water polo! For your pool party, you want the meals to be quick and easy to make, so you can spend more time having fun with friends! The easiest meals for a pool party are traditionally burgers and hot dogs! Serve with already-prepared sides, like potato salad with pesto mayo, greek salad, and creamy coleslaw. Sure to feed a large group of people, and have enough if anyone wants seconds, this is the best meal to make for a backyard party!


Have a bunch of finger foods set up on a table, so people can snack as they feel hungry! Since you’re having a group of people over, to accommodate for any food allergies, choose snacks made without the Top 8 Food Allergens! Here are some of our favourites:

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

No party is complete without some drinks, but not everyone drinks alcohol! Ensure you have delicious alternatives for those who choose not to consume alcohol, or for those who need to hydrate from being in the heat all day! Pack a cooler full of ice and load it with non-alcoholic beers, low-sugar sodas, and refreshing lemon water! Serve some fruity mocktails too, using Matteo’s Sugar-Free Cocktail Syrups. We think your guests will be fans of a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri or pina colada, great for sipping when you’re chilling poolside!

2. Camping

Canada has many beautiful camping grounds all over the country, and camping is a big Summer activity for us Canucks. Whether you’re pitching a tent or loading up the RV to take with you on a road trip, easy snacks and meals you can make with little equipment will be your best friend and make for a stress-free camping experience! The best foods for camping are ones that are easy to cook, require very little ingredients, are wholly nutritious and filling, and are enjoyed by many.

Here’s what your camping grocery list should look like:


For breakfast, you’re going to want something that you can make a big batch of! Oatmeal is a great breakfast option for camping, as it requires minimal ingredients to make and is so versatile with flavor. Oats are also shelf-stable, which is key when you’re out camped in the middle of nowhere without access to electricity. Pack a bag of oats, along with a family favorite nut milk, to create a big batch of oatmeal in a pot over the campfire grill. Serve a hot bowl of oats with a selection of toppings, a.k.a the snacks you’ve packed for your camping trip, like trail mix, fresh fruits, and even protein powder!

Quick Lunch

Oftentimes, when you’re camping you’re spending lunchtime by the lake or on a hiking trail, so lunch when you're camping needs to be made in advance! Sandwiches make for a great on-the-go lunch option! Pack a loaf of bread, along with a selection of nut butters and jams, so you can prepare sandwiches before you’re off to your adventure of the day. Luckily, these shelf-stable ingredients don’t need to be kept in the cooler to stay fresh, making them great to pack into your backpack and take with you! Make sure to add a scoop of electrolytes mix to your water too before you leave your campsite for the day, to ensure you’re hydrated and energized for your big adventure!


Get that campfire going, and set up the grill! It’s time to enjoy a delicious BBQ after your long day of exploring. Load up your cooler with pre-marinated meats and seafood, we’re big fans of truLOCAL, a Canadian company that offers fresh, high quality meats and seafood from local farms and fisheries. Pack some cooking oil and easy side dishes, like potatoes, rice, veggies to grill, pre-made pasta salad, or bean salad to serve with your grilled meats! You’re going to want a balance of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats to keep you fueled and satisfied until breakfast tomorrow. And don’t forget the condiments! Have versatile sauces, like BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, and mayo on deck to add some extra flavor to your dinner.

Easy, Healthy Snacks

We all know that s’mores are the elite camping treat, and we promise we aren’t leaving them out of your camping trip! Have some gluten-free graham crackers, vegan marshmallows, and sugar-free milk chocolate ready for when the sun goes down and the guitar gets pulled out. Some other easy camping snacks include: paleo-friendly chips, gluten-free meat snacks, and high protein nut mixes!

3. Picnic in the Park

The only thing you should have to worry about when it comes to having a picnic is finding the perfect tree to settle under! What’s in your picnic basket, shouldn’t have to be stressful. Here’s what you’ll need to pack the perfect picnic everytime (and to create an Instagram-worthy pic!):

The Ultimate Picnic Spread

Presentation and variety is key when it comes to creating the ultimate picnic! You’re going to want to pack shelf-stable items that won’t lose taste or quality in the heat. These include tasty meat snacks (or vegan jerky for our plant-based friends), crackers, dried fruits, and spreads! Add some sweets, like freshly baked muffins or cookies to the mix. Bring a beautiful cheese board with you or layout on a checkered picnic blanket, so everyone can grab for themselves! 


Make a refreshing batch of Iced Green Tea Lemonade, using pre-steeped Rishi Green Tea and these sugar-free lemonade drops, or bring a few cans of Poppi’s Prebiotic Sodas along with you (just make sure to have put them in the fridge prior, to help them keep cool).

Final Thoughts

We know you want to jam-pack your Summer with endless fun activities! Choosing the right foods that are quick and easy to make, shelf-stable, and can be enjoyed by most, is what will make all of your Summer adventures a breeze! Shop for the best healthy Summer meals and snacks here at Natura Market!

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