Vegan “Beef” Queso Dip

Vegan “Beef” Queso Dip

Perfect for a party, as an appetizer for get together with friends, or for a movie night, this Vegan "Beef" Queso Dip is cheesy, spicy, and deliciously plant-based! Using dairy-free Zubi’s Organic Queso makes this recipe a breeze, just choose your favourite plant-based ground "beef"!


Vegan, Keto-Friendly, Gluten-Free

Serves 4-6



½ Pound plant-based ground of choice

1 Jar Zubi’s Organic Queso

1 Teaspoon chili powder

½ Teaspoon ground cumin

2 Tablespoons avocado oil

½ Cup salsa verde

1 Small can green chiles

Salt and Pepper

Chopped red onion, for serving

Pickled chili peppers

Fresh cilantro, for serving

Choice of tortilla chips, for serving



1. Prepare the plant-based ground "beef” as directed. Once prepped, heat oil for 1-2 minutes in a medium pot over medium heat and add "beef".

2. Season the plant-based ground "beef" with chili powder and cumin, and a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Set the heat to low, and add the Zubi’s Organic Queso, salsa verde, and green chiles. Cook just until heated through.

3. Transfer to a serving bowl and top with red onion, pickled chili peppers, and fresh cilantro. Serve hot with tortilla chips of choice.

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