What to Eat to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally

What to Eat to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally

Looking to relieve yourself from the unbearable and uncomfortable symptoms of PMS in a natural, safe way? Well, it can be as easy as changing up the foods you eat around that time of the month! We've compiled a list of PMS-friendly foods to help you relieve PMS symptoms and feel your best when Mother Nature comes calling.


Your menstrual cycle arrives every month with a ton of tricks up its sleeve. Whether that be bloating, cramping, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, or even mood swings to name a few. There are times where we’re at our limit and wonder how to reduce menstrual pain instantly. Well look no further, because we’re going to talk about how to reduce PMS symptoms naturally! 

Disclaimer: This article was created for informational purposes only. Please consult with your health care team prior to making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. 

Did you know you could reduce some of your symptoms by just…eating?

Sound the alarms, alert the town and take cover because there’s no way food could help ease the recurring pains of PMS. Yet, we’re here to tell you that it is in fact possible. There’s a way to satisfy your PMS food cravings, while simultaneously eliminating some of your aches and pain. Have you ever heard of a PMS diet and supplements? Well they are specific foods that you can eat and supplements you can take in order to relieve some of the symptoms of your menstrual cycle. Where your favourite pain killers fail you, your favourite foods got you! Now, there will be a caveat later on as we’ll go over PMS foods to avoid. 

There are different categories of food that help in minimizing menstrual cycle symptoms like mood swings, appetite diversions, fatigue, inflammation, and cravings that you experience while PMSing. 

Food To Eat To Reduce PMS Symptoms

Here is a list of different types of foods you can eat to help you reduce the effects of your PMS symptoms!


Moooove on over ice cream because we have some amazing healthy calcium foods that are ready to be consumed! It is said that a higher calcium intake during your cycle can limit your appetite changes and the mood swings you may experience. 

Oat Milk is a great way to jump start your mornings. Pair it with a yummy cereal for breakfast to get the day started right!

Almonds are a great source of calcium and an easy, fast, and crunchy snack that can be paired with almost anything. Toss it into your favourite salad or enjoy it as a quick and easy treat!

Kale is a leafy green that can’t be stopped. While it has many other nutritional benefits, it’s also a good source of calcium that you can enjoy in many forms. Try Kale Chips for instance, they’re crispy and flavourful, but won’t give you the bloating that potato chips can cause. 


Ask Iron Man how effective iron enriched foods are at defeating some of your symptoms. Go ahead, ask him. Looks like he’s busy, but don’t worry you have us! It is said that consuming iron rich foods while menstruating; could help to increase the serotonin levels that go to your brain and in turn decrease emotional fatigue.

Soybeans are so simple but are a great source of iron. Looking for something to have for lunch? Try pairing soybeans with other beans like kidney and garbanzo, tossed in olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and pepper to make a delicious bean salad!

Remember when we mentioned pairing your oat milk with a yummy cereal for breakfast? Yeah well we have one for you! This cereal, which contains 10% in iron, is a delicious alternative to other sugary brands without sacrificing amazing flavour!

Cashew  just take a break and snack on a yummy treat? Yes you can! Enjoy a crunchy delight or sip on some cashew milk to help soothe some of your PMS symptoms. 

Whole Grains

We’re going back to the basics! Remember being told growing up about the benefits of whole grains? Well even if you don’t, let us show you some great options that you can add to your diet! It is expressed that eating whole grains and vegetables while on your period helps with cramping, as it decreases the inflammation in your body. 

Whole wheat pasta is a great healthy alternative! You can whip up a quick and easy dinner by pairing it with some marinara pasta sauce or even a creamy alfredo sauce

Sometimes we want something a little crispy to munch on while dealing with the ups and downs of PMS symptoms. Well munch away on some delicious and flavourful whole grain tortilla chips!

Wait, didn’t we cover breakfast already? Well that’s okay because if you’re not a fan of cereal, then you might enjoy a creamy buckwheat porridge! 

Complex Carbohydrates

You don’t have to make your food complex to get the right carbohydrates you need to help lessen the effects of your PMS symptoms! It is a belief that complex carbohydrates help in balancing your mood and kicking some of those cravings. It is done through a slight surge in your insulin levels after the complex carbs penetrate your bloodstream. Here are some foods that complex carbohydrates are found in! 

We can’t forget about dessert, it’s an integral part of your cycle process. Brown rice contains high levels of magnesium and is a great source of dietary fiber. Since it is higher in fiber, it allows you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. Try some brown rice stackers, drizzled with chocolate sauce for a tasty yet healthy treat! 

There are also fruits to eat during your cycle that work to send a punch or two to your period symptoms. Apples are your friends here and can be paired with a creamy and rich hazelnut spread. You can even have them as a quick snack throughout the day to fill in the gaps!

What’s up doc? That’s right, carrots are what’s up! They don’t just help improve your vision, they can improve the severity of your PMS ailments too. 

What Foods Make PMS Worse

Now that we’ve covered a variety of delicious meals to eat on your period, let’s get into foods to avoid.  Here is what not to eat during PMS! These foods have the potential to make your PMS worse than usual. 

You might be a bit salty at first, but try to reduce your salt intake while you’re on your cycle. It is said that cutting back on salt can minimize the effects of bloating. If you’re still finding it hard to kick those salty cravings, then try out a lightly salted snack

As sweet as our bestie sugar can be, we have to try ghosting them for a bit while PMSing. It’s okay to check up on them once in a while if we can’t keep our distance. But if you really need a sweet pick me up, then you can try low sugar candies from brands like SmartSweets. Their variety of candies only contain 3g’s of sugar per bag! Find out other ways to cut back on your sugar intake here.  

This one’s going to be kicking and screaming because they depend heavily on some of us. However, our friend caffeine has got to go! At least for the duration of your menstrual cycle. It has been said that caffeine can cause insomnia during your cycle as well as increase irritability. We know you probably want to avoid getting more irritated than you might already get while PMSing. However if you find that you’re still having a craving, then you can try out a caffeine-free coffee substitute

Are There Any Alternatives?

Sometimes with specific diet restrictions, we can’t find an alternative for everything. If you find that that’s the case for you, then definitely take a look at PMS relief supplements like Smart Solutions Cycle Smart. It has the ability to stabilize irregular cycles as well as relieve PMS symptoms. These plant-based PMS capsules are filled with antioxidant-rich ingredients that can help reduce the severity of menstrual symptoms. A bonus is that they contain No GMO’s, wheat, soy, gluten, artificial preservatives, or sweetners!

More Helpful Tips For Dealing With PMS

We know it’s too late for New Year's resolutions, but try getting a workout or two in while on your cycle. It has been reported that exercising helps in reducing stress while PMSing, and who doesn’t need a bit of stress relief!

3 meals a day keeps the doctor away? Is that how it goes? Regardless, it’s important to make sure you’re eating regular meals. Due to the way your hormones operate, it is easy to become overly hungry and enhance those cravings. So it is essential that you eat regular snacks as well as meals throughout the course of the day so that you’re able to avoid that. If you find that you’re experiencing a loss of appetite instead, skipping your regular meals will make you more prone to irritability because of the fall of your blood sugar levels. 

Finally, take it easy. Your emotions are a bit more sensitive during this time so it’s important to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Your body is working hard during this time of the month so you should be a little easier on it! If you’re having a bit of trouble staying relaxed, then definitely try a nice chamomile tea to calm those nerves. If it’s insomnia that is giving you a warm time, then try sugar free sleep gummies! You can read about other natural stress and anxiety relievers here.  

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your period cramp your style anymore. Instead, try enjoying delicious foods that naturally relieve your symptoms. Your menstrual cycle is a fighter but now you can finally swing back! We promise, your body will thank you later. 

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