Healthy Cereals to Make Breakfast Easier (and Tastier)

Healthy Cereals to Make Breakfast Easier (and Tastier)

Make a great start to your day with our round-up of healthy cereals. Whether you're looking for something that's gluten-free, packed with protein, made with no artificial sweeteners, or all-natural, these breakfast cereals kickstart your day with a bowl of good-for-you goodness.

Ah, cereal, one of the staple dishes to have for breakfast, or for any meal if you really love cereal but most of us just stick with cereal in the mornings. Cereal is the easiest meal to prepare in the mornings, and is great for those who want something quick and easy to make without devoting too much time, which for some of us, we don’t have a lot of in the mornings, whether due to wanting just a bit more sleep before starting our days or just having a busy itinerary! Cereal provides us with the ease of getting the most out of our days, and depending on how you make it, and what’s added to it, you can get the most nutritious and healthy meal to start your day off, because everybody loves a good, nutrient dense meal to keep their energy up! Like us, the brands we’ve listed out all took a look at the cereal that’s on the market, the sugar dense, artificially preserved cereals and decided that there should be healthier cereals out there, each creating their own take on a better, healthier way to start the day while still saving on time!    

Feel truly the best with Truely!

High performance, high protein, Truely cereal is truly the best when it comes to being a nutritious breakfast choice! With 15g to 16g of protein and 1g of sugar per serving, you’ll get that boost of protein as soon as you wake up and you can get it in four fun and delicious flavors; peanut butter, cinnamon, cocoa and fruity! Truely’s cereal is just as nutritious as it is fun and easy to prepare, all you need is milk or a milk alternative of your choosing, or you could just eat it straight out of the box if you prefer, there’s no wrong way to have this cereal! Relive all the fun memories you had as a child, waking up to a bowl of delicious cereal that’s Truely better for you and your body! 

Make sundays fundays with Seven Sundays!

Ready to start loving your sundays? Even if you already love them, you can elevate those vibes with Seven Sundays cereals! Of course, you can have this cereal every day of the week, not just Sundays, make every day a Seven Sundays cereal day and feel great when you start your days! High protein for that boost of energy, and naturally sweetened with real, wholesome ingredients, Seven Sundays cereal is rearing its head in the healthier breakfast foods world! No more starting your days with the overly processed, sugary cereals, Seven Sundays vegan and paleo friendly cereals are here to be your new BFF (breakfast food friend) to get you started on the right foot every day!  

Fall in love with Lovebird!

A little birdie told us that you want a better-for-you, grain free cereal and Lovebird is here to be that cereal! AIP compliant and paleo friendly, Lovebird cereals put the O in organic, and Oh wow, what a healthy breakfast! Lovebird understands that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you’re breaking your fast, what better food to do it with? Nutrient dense, and made with non-GMO ingredients, every product that Lovebird makes is made with a love for cereal and a father’s love for his daughter to provide healthier foods out there for her and everyone else to enjoy! No need to skip out on breakfast cereals anymore, Lovebird is here to make you fall in love all over again with this quick and convenient breakfast food! 

Quell the morning munchies with Catalina Crunch-ies!

Founded with a love of cereal that he’d grown up with while also being able to enjoy it with his new lifestyle, Catalina Crunch’s cereal is made with the modern diet in mind! Sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, high in fiber, and protein, Catalina Crunch cereals have the perfectly craveable and healthier crunch for your morning munchies! Like many of us when we were young, Catalina Crunch’s founder loved cereal, not realizing how sugary and how filled with empty carbs and energy his favorite brands had. Having to make changes to his lifestyle after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he still wanted to keep enjoying his favorite breakfast foods, and thus came to make Catalina Crunch! With no empty carbs and twice the amount of flavor, Catalina Crunch is here to make healthy eating great so you can get the most out of your cereal!

Make your wishes come true with Three Wishes!

We made a wish upon a star, or Three Wishes upon three stars, asking for a healthy, wholesome cereal to start our days, and Three Wishes came through on every front. Gluten and grain free, this high protein cereal has no added sugars and is perfect on a vegan diet! Born from a love of cereal, but not wanting to start their days with empty carbs and overloading themselves on sugar, the founders of Three Wishes wanted  better, healthier alternatives, especially after the birth of their first child, to the cereals that they’d grown up with and they decided that there were others out there like them that wanted to do the same. So they focused all their energy to provide us with the Three Wishes nutrient powerhouse cereal that’s both better for you and just as delicious! 

Stay golden with Goldy’s!

Like Goldie from the childhood story; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we want our cereal just right! And at Goldy’s, they curated the golden ratio of nutritious and delicious so that you can wake up and enjoy your cereal the way that you want it! Made with chia seeds, a gut helping powerhouse that also boosts your energy and your mood, Goldy’s is the high protein, high fiber, plant-based cereal that takes only 5 minutes of your mornings to prepare! Not only can you have this versatile cereal with a milk or milk alternative of your choosing, you can also have it in your yogurts and morning smoothies as an extra boost of energy to get your day started off right! Goldy’s is the superseed cereal that’s geared towards the modern and not to mention, busy lifestyle! Nutrient dense and made with non-GMO ingredients, Goldy’s is the perfect addition to any diet!  

Go loco for Nuco’s coconut cereals!

Like how that one famous coconut song goes, we find ourselves asking: ain’t there nothing we can take to relieve the cereal craves? Well, Nuco’s cereal is the perfect answer to this question! Coconut based cereals that are paleo and vegan friendly, Nuco is the cereal for those who love coconuts, and is great for the keto diet! The founder of Nuco’s products was raised in the Philippines, where the coconut industry was of great importance to the population, and where, despite the importance that coconut had, coconut farmers were being paid unjustly, and thus the founders at Nuco, who loved coconuts and wanted to do better for those who’d devoted their lives to grow coconuts, created Nuco’s products! Nuco’s cereals are delicious and gluten-free, and paid amazingly with a milk or milk alternative, or just as enjoyable when eaten straight out of the box!     

What’s better than cereal? A healthy cereal, and what’s better than that? Healthier cereal for everybody because we all want to make the most out of what we put in our bodies, while still being able to enjoy the time that we have in our days. Whether you’re anything like us and just love to catch some Z’s in the mornings or if you’re up and at ‘em at the crack of dawn, cereal can be something that everyone can allow back into their diets and schedules, easy to make and nutritious now, too! 

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