Truffled Hot Mustard Low-Carb Egg Salad Sandwich

Truffled Hot Mustard Low-Carb Egg Salad Sandwich

If you like hot sauce, Dijon mustard and the earthy, yet gourmet taste of truffles, you will LOVE this Keto-Friendly Egg Salad! Eat open-faced sandwich style made with Carbonaut's Low-Carb Bread and topped with extra green onion, or double the slices for a big satisfying bite. This low-carb lunch idea is satisfying and delicious!


Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly
Makes 3-4 servings


6 Eggs

2 Tablespoons Primal Kitchen Organic Dijon Mustard

2 Tablespoons Pickle Brine

1 Teaspoon Truffle-Infused Hot Sauce

1 Tablespoon Chopped Dill Pickles

1 Teaspoon Maple Syrup

1 Small Shallot, finely diced

1 Teaspoon Dried Dill

½ Teaspoon Smoked Paprika

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Green Onion, for serving

Carbonaut Keto Gluten-Free Seeded Bread, for serving


1. Fill a medium size pot with water and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Once boiling, carefully lower the eggs into the water and boil for 12 minutes. Dunk the eggs into a cold ice bath for 5 minutes, then peel the shells away, and chop into small pieces and place in a bowl.

2. In a separate small bowl, combine the mustard, hot sauce, pickle brine, dill pickles and maple syrup. Pour the mixture over the chopped egg, and add the shallot, dill pickles, dill, and paprika. Fold together, and season with salt and pepper to taste.

3. Sandwich between Carbonaut low-carb seeded bread (untoasted or toasted). Sprinkle with green onions to serve.

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