What Your Favourite Autumn Dessert Says About You

What Your Favourite Autumn Dessert Says About You

With Autumn around the corner, we figured there's no better way to find out who YOU are than by taking a bite out of your favourite autumn dessert!

Welcome to the 6th annual
Natura Market Fall Desserts Showcase! Yes, yes, we know, the highly anticipated season has finally arrived: Autumn. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and the treats are getting even toastier! 

In this Autumn Desserts Showcase, we’ll be bringing you insight on what your favourite dessert says about you! Each of these fun fall treats come along with different personality types and we’re here to give you a closer look into what they are! 



Apple Pie

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Apple Fritters

Carrot Cake

Gingerbread Muffins

Pumpkin Pie

Caramel Apples

Hot Chocolate


Don’t Sigh, It’s Apple Pie!

Warm and soft apples coated in cinnamon and brown sugar. A flakey crust made using all-purpose flour, kosher salt, and rich butter. Filled with a nice gooey center, and served with a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream

Do you know which fall treat we’re referring to? Well it’s Apple Pie of course! This traditional fall dessert is a scrumptious sweet treat to have after a big Thanksgiving meal. Is Apple Pie your favourite autumn dessert? Then this might be the type of person you are!

If you love Apple Pie then you’re a traditional person who likes to stick to their roots. You don’t like making sudden changes without thinking through what the possible outcomes could be. People often think you’re closed off, but it just takes you a bit of time to warm up to others. This defense mechanism can sometimes lead you to unfortunately missing out on new and exciting relationships!

As an Apple Pie lover, nothing beats cozying up and watching your favourite movie for the millionth time! There’s just something about watching your favourite characters live APPLE-LLY ever after again and again!


Let’s Sway To The Beat Of Pumpkin Spice Latte!

The grind of the coffee machine signals that your coffee is filling up your cup. The drip of milk communicates that your coffee is getting to your desired shade. The whistle of the froth machine indicates that your pumpkin spice creamer is getting extra foamy. Finally the ‘shake shake’ of your favourite spice topping alerts you that your drink is ready. That’s right, your Pumpkin Spice Latte is ready to fill your tummy with joy! 

Are Pumpkin Spice Latte’s your go-to drink? Then that means that you’re a trendy individual who likes to keep up with what’s in and out. You likely have decorations up for every holiday of the year, plus your home and social media reflect that fact. 

Being a Pumpkin Spice Latte enthusiast means that you’re warm and caring, but you can definitely put people in place when needed. You sometimes can be impulsive and distant when others need you. This doesn’t mean that you don’t care, you just tend to get caught up in whatever you’re doing. You enjoy the nip of the cool fall weather, and believe that people should practice GOURD vibes only! 


If You Check Your Mirrors, You’ll Find Apple Fritters! 

You’re in the kitchen. You’ve just tossed flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, and cinnamon into a bowl. You whisk this combination with ease and make room in the center for your milk, eggs, and applesauce. You fold it all together with your apples until you get a nice mixture. You prep your oil and in goes some of your batter. You watch as it starts to form and switches to a nice golden brown colour. Separately, you whisk together some milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla to get your glaze ready. Without hesitation, you dunk your dessert into the glaze and set it aside to rest. After a few minutes…when all of the excess glaze has dripped off…it’s ready. Your Apple Fritter is ready to be eaten! 

If an Apple Fritter is a go-to when you’re Autumn baking then this is who you are! You don’t follow the crowd and like doing things your own way. Your opinions may not always be the most popular but you stick by them. You know how to hold your ground in arguments and are not easily swayed by others! 

As an Apple Fritter devotee, you have a soft center for the people you love and you’re not afraid to make that known. You believe that people should be open to exploring other options, even when you’ve claimed a favourite. Sometimes you have a habit of filling in the gaps before others have the opportunity to fully voice their thoughts. You don’t do it maliciously, because in your mind you’re just helping them along. However, you’re aware of this fact and every year you make it a New years Resolution to work on it!

People may think that you’re hard CORE, but you’re actually just an excited and passionate person! 


Try Taking A Break With A Slice Of Carrot Cake!

You walk past the bakery and the rich aroma of cinnamon graces your senses. You walk inside and see the perfect slice behind the counter. You smile to yourself as you realize one of the best desserts is there waiting for you. You point to the slice, and the bakery employee places it in a to-go container for you. You watch as pecans and raisins delicately fall against the bottom of the container. Your eyes light up as you see the cute carrot design made in cream cheese frosting at the top. You realize this is it, this is what Autumn desserts are supposed to be…they’re supposed to be as decadent as Carrot Cake

If Carrot Cake is at the top of your favourite desserts list then that means you have specific standards that have to be maintained. There are multiple layers to your personality which allows you to blend in with different crowds. People are often wary of you at first, but once they get to know you they realize how sweet you actually are! 

As an ally of Carrot Cake, you take your commitments very seriously and don’t like disappointing others. You sometimes are too hard on yourself when you make mistakes, and often set your own needs aside to help others. Despite your schedule, you always make time for the people you CARROT about! 


The Fun Begins With Gingerbread Muffins! 

Amongst all the warm fall desserts, this one is your favourite. The taste of ginger, cinnamon, and brown sugar dance across your tongue with each and every bite. You know this rich flavour can’t be complete without vanilla, molasses, flour, and most importantly…love

If Gingerbread Muffins are your favourite fall dessert then that means you have a warm inviting personality that people gravitate towards. You give the best hugs and bring a comforting presence as soon as you walk into the room. As a Gingerbread Muffin lover you believe that gingerbread is a flavour that should be celebrated year round! 

Sometimes you can be a bit on edge when you don’t get your way, but your bright smile makes everyone give in. You love Autumn because it’s one step closer to Christmas which you believe is the best holiday. You love being around people and you’re known for your one-liners that come up in the moment. You don’t let MUF-FIN stand in the way of your dreams!


Don’t Be Shy, It’s Pumpkin Pie!

As you walk through the doors, you know exactly what’s for Thanksgiving dessert just by the aroma. You can picture the work and love that was put in to make this dessert delicious. The richness of pumpkin puree…the sweetness of condensed milk…the nice woody flavour of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the fresh whipped cream on top. You smile to yourself and think, “Yes, this is Thanksgiving.”

If Pumpkin Pies are your favourite dessert, then it might mean that you’re this type of person! You have an acquired taste that some people can’t wrap their head around. You tend to fly solo by choice as you enjoy your own company. You’ll always support the people you care about but you hate planning events. 

As a Pumpkin Pie lover you find joy in the simple things in life! Your interests fluctuate and you often find yourself in a cycle of hobbies. Your style is simple; you love the basics with minimal details. People tend to misjudge you at first but once they get to know you, all of their preconceived notions go out the door! You’re very loyal and once you fall in love, you only have PIES for that person! 


Sweet From Every Angle, It’s Caramel Apples!

You’re at your favourite fall carnival! You go to this carnival every year for one thing: Caramel Apples. That’s right, a fresh crisp apple coated in a sauce that’s made smooth with caramel and milk. As you bite down into your Caramel Apple you think, “Ahh, this is the most wonderful time of the year!”

If you love Caramel Apples then you enjoy a good challenge! You don’t mind putting in the work to get to your goal; you find it exciting actually. You may have a hard shell on the outside, but that’s only to protect yourself from getting hurt. Once people get to know you they see how open and genuine you actually are! 

As a Caramel Apple lover you can sometimes get yourself into sticky situations. It’s not your fault though, sometimes your mouth moves a bit faster than your brain. You always make sure to APPLE-OGIZE if you hurt someone's feelings unintentionally. You love making your friends and family happy; it brings you immense joy! 


It’s Very Fortunate To Have Hot Chocolate!

Steam radiates as the water in your saucepan begins to heat up. You scoop in cocoa powder, salt, sugar, and stir it together. You watch as your mixture becomes smooth and rich, as you add in your milk. You throw in a dash of vanilla and pour your mixture into your favourite mug. After dazzling the top with marshmallows, your Hot Chocolate is complete! 

If you prefer a nice cup of Hot Chocolate as one of your main fall treats, then this might be who you are! You believe that you can find beauty in each and everything - it just depends on how you look at it! You LOVE sweater weather because you find the summer heat too draining, which makes you super miserable. 

Having a Hot Chocolate dessert personality means that you love adding flair to classic things. It doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate the classics for what they are, you just like seeing how you can bring out a different side of them. You find joy in snuggling in bed or on the couch with a good book, wrapped up in your favourite blanket. However, you still know how to drop it like it’s ‘hot’ Chocolate when needed! 


Final Thoughts

That’s all the fun fall treats in our showcase! If you’re looking for a way to make your favourite fall treats into healthy desserts, you can check out some helpful tips here!  

We hope seeing your favourite fall dessert gives you a bit more insight into who you are as a person! If not then no worries, just put all your be-leaf in delicious Autumn treats! 

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