The Best Pasta Alternatives For Every Diet

The Best Pasta Alternatives For Every Diet

Say, "hasta la pasta" to your regular pasta noodles and hello to these healthy pasta alternatives! Whether you're looking for low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free, or vegan, these pasta substitutes are healthier AND tastier!



Mamma mia, we love ourselves some pasta! From fettuccine to fusilli, with alfredo sauce or marinara sauce, in a pasta salad or noodles in a soup, pasta is one of the most versatile dishes that can go with just about anything, and what’s not to love about that? Not only is it a versatile dish, but it’s also one of the easiest to make and prepare. All it needs is a touch of salt (which is totally optional) and some boiling water to submerge pasta in and you have yourself a meal! But for those of us who have specialized diets that involve limiting our carb intake, or those who can’t have gluten for whatever reason, it may be hard to find pastas that align with our diets. Instead of tossing in the towel when it comes to pasta, we’re here to say, nay, there’s definitely a way to still enjoy your favorite pasta dishes! With the ever evolving diets and lifestyles out there, brands everywhere are revolutionizing different, and not to mention, healthier ways to continue enjoying the dishes that you loved having before while still being able to stay on your diet! Here are a few healthy pasta substitutes that you can enjoy in lieu of their carb rich/ gluten dense counterparts! 


Feel the best with Jovial       

Get jolly with Jovial’s pasta alternatives that are made with ingredients like cassava flour, brown rice flour, and einkorn flour! Founded by a couple who were all too familiar with intolerances to gluten, multiple food allergies and other autoimmune diseases, Rodolfo and Carla used their industry knowledge to create healthier, better alternatives to modern wheat, which their daughter had been allergic to. They curated high quality, gluten free pasta and other products so that their families as well as everyone else who were also struggling with finding alternatives to wheat could enjoy their creations! From grain free cassava elbow pasta shells to organic gluten free mac n cheese, you’ve got your pick of a variety of different pastas that are great substitutes that you can integrate in your diet! 


Get that plant based goodness with Kaizen!

Made from lupin flour, Kaizen pasta is perfect for those on a low carb diet! Pasta on a low carb diet? That’s crazy, right? Nope, that’s Kaizen for ya! Kaizen came about after the founders took one look at what was on the pasta market and realized that there was so much unfulfilled potential there, so instead of waiting around until someone else did it, they decided to do it themselves! With up to 85% less carbs, their pasta is a great, low carb alternative for your pasta nights! And that’s not all, because it’s made of lupin flour, it yields up to 3x the amount of protein than traditional pasta, so you can feel fuller for longer! Like any food journey, where small changes make big differences, Kaizen is all about continuously improving themselves and their products to make them better for everyone! From low carb ziti to fusilli that has as little as 2 net carbs per serving, you can enjoy your pasta and feel great doing it too!


Enjoy oodles of Goodles!

Love yourself a good mac n cheese but want a little more finesse? With Goodles high protein mac n cheese, you can have a protein dense meal with each serving! No need to worry about adding in extra protein, carbs, etc, for your meals, Goodles has got you covered on both fronts with cheesy goodness! But what if you can’t eat cheese? That’s no problem, because they’ve curated a vegan white cheddar mac that you can enjoy without worry! With fun noodle shapes like shells, and spiral twists, Goodles is the perfect, gooder-for-you mac n cheese that won’t have you turning your back on your favorite mac ever again! Made from the minds of people with some of the biggest names in the food industry and world like Gal Gadot, former Annie’s President Deb Luster, former Kraft executive Paul Earle, and Molly Michet, R&D Leader and food scientist formerly of Dreyers and CLIF Bar, Goodles is here to change your perception of mac n cheese forever!

Explore Beans with Explore Cuisine!

Made from different legumes and lentils, Explore Cuisine explores all the possibilities that food can be without compromise! High in fiber and dense with protein, Explore Cuisine’s pastas come in all kinds of different pasta types like their green lentil penne, edamame and mung bean fettuccine, and not to mention their black bean spaghetti! And because they use legumes and lentils for their pastas rather than wheat flour, this pasta is perfect for those on a gluten free diet! Not only that, but they’re made with no binders, gums, GMOs, flavorings, guilt or compromise, so isn’t it totally worth exploring? Explore Cuisine’s pastas are not just about alternatives to those pastas that you grew up loving, they’re making foods that meet every single one of your standards so that you don’t need to long for what you had growing up, you can have it and have it right with Explore Cuisine!  


Nothing’s impossible with Pastabilities

Pastabilities is for those who love authentic Italian pasta, only made better! Made completely with durum semolina and other organic flours like ancient grains, and natural vegetable powders or herbs, Pastabilities is entirely organic, vegan and high in protein too! Not only that, but they curated their pastas into fun, kid friendly shapes so that both you and your family can enjoy the nostalgia of eating alphabet soup or silly shaped noodles, ranging from seasonal shapes like christmas trees to pumpkin shapes, these pastas are im-pasta-bly perfect for the family! 


We hope these alternatives can re-introduce having your favorite pasta dishes your way! No more needing to compromise or sacrifice on these dishes just because you have a different diet than you did when you were younger, the above brands all understand that and want to continue being there with you  throughout your food journey being just as, if not more delicious and not to mention healthier for you! 

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