Cooking Without Allergens: Easy Substitutions for Common Ingredients

Cooking Without Allergens: Easy Substitutions for Common Ingredients

 Let's cook up a storm, allergen-free style! From gluten to dairy and eggs, we've got the inside scoop on easy allergen substitutions to ensure your dishes are not only safe but absolutely scrumptious.



Whether it’s for our kiddos, our friends, or ourselves, at one point or another, we may need to create a dish or some sweets without the use of allergens; eggs, dairy, flour, etc. And if you’re accustomed to a cooking style that’s reliant on these ingredients, and maybe don’t know where to start with your allergen free cooking, no to fear, we’ve just a small list here for easy substitutes for those usual ingredients.



One of the most common ingredients in cooking and baking are eggs, and they also happen to be an allergen for many of us out there. So if you’re having an event and making some dishes that need the binding or consistency purposes that eggs provide, you can easily sub this out for some flaxseeds or arrowroot starch, which will mimic the same binding properties that eggs offer. Play around with the mix to water ratio to get that perfect consistency you’re looking for!



Like eggs, flour is a must in the kitchen pantry for baking and cooking needs, whether you’re making some cake or bread or pasta, flour is a staple but with it being chalk full of gluten, and with many of us having gluten intolerances, brands are popping up everywhere with flour alternatives that don’t include gluten or grains which makes it easy to choose from, rather than getting some substitution using a different medium all together, you can simply use gluten free flour or grain free flour when making your dishes!    



Dairy; some can make do, others get tummy troubles, in fact a majority of people nowadays have some intolerance to dairy, which does make it a bit harder when making dishes that require milk, but alas, just like flour, many brands like Milkadamia and Elmhurst have made making dishes without the use of dairy that much easier by using nuts for their milks instead, not only is it dairy-free but depending on the type of nut used, it’ll bring different subtle flavors to your dishes, so feel free to explore with milk alternatives!  


We hope these substitutions for these three common cooking and baking ingredients makes your allergen-free cooking experience a bit smoother!

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