Keto 101: Keto Made Easy

Keto 101: Keto Made Easy

This easy keto guide is the perfect way to start your keto journey! With delicious food recommendations and easy meal ideas, keto can be easy for everyone, whether you're a beginner or starting again!

Do you have your ticket on you? Perfect, we’ll scan that. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

“Welcome to the Keto Made Easy Production! During this show, we’ll be giving you some helpful information and tips you can use to make starting your keto diet as easy as possible!”

“That’s right Natura, we’re here to give keto diet beginners or people who are struggling with their keto diet helpful guidelines. So without further ado, let’s dim the lights and get this show on the road!”


What Is A Keto Diet?

What Are Net Carbs?

Low-Carb Vegetables

Low-Carb Meat

Healthy Fats

Low-Carb Alternatives

Disclaimer: This article was created for informational purposes only. Please consult with your health care team prior to making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. 

What Is A Keto Diet?

“Good evening, is there anyone here that can help me?” a confused person said as they approached a small market.

An elderly woman turned to the person and smiled, “What is it you need help with dear?”

“I’m trying to understand how to start a keto diet…? My name is Nu Bee, and I was sent here to gain as much information about it as possible to bring back to my village.”

“Oh I see…my apologies Nu, but I won’t be of much help to you. However, if you continue straight to the Road of Ketosis, you’ll be able to find someone who can help you,” the elderly woman explained. Nu Bee beamed and tipped their hat to the elder,

“Thank you so much for your help!”

After a couple of minutes of walking, Nu arrived at the Road of Ketosis. There, they found a beaming man tending to his garden. “Excuse me sir, are you the one who has information on what a keto diet is?”

The man grinned and clapped his hands, “Yes, yes! Finally, you must be Nu Bee! Word has travelled about your arrival!”

Nu smiled sheepishly, “Oh yes, it’s nice to meet you. I don’t have much time, can you explain what a keto diet is to me?”

“I can…but I’m only the General of Understanding, so you will have to travel a bit further to gain more information.” The General brushed the dirt off of his hands and smiled. “A keto diet is a low-carb but high in fat diet plan. This means that your healthy fat intake should be around 80% of your calories, your carb intake should be under 5%, and your protein intake should be about 15-20% of your calories.”

Nu Bee wrote the information into their book as quickly as possible. The General continued,

“Once you start adjusting to this eating plan, your body should go into a state of ketosis.”

“Ketosis?” Nu asked, a bit confused. “You mean like this road?”

The General shook his head, “No, you get your body into ketosis by avoiding carbs. When your body doesn’t have enough carbs to burn energy, it burns fat instead. This allows your body to make ketones, which it then uses for fuel.”

Nu Bee nodded in understanding, “Is that all?”

The General laughed, “Not quite…”

What are Net Carbs?

“Have you heard of net carbs?” the General asked Nu.

“No sir, I haven’t…what are net carbs?”

The General placed his hands on his hip, “When on a low-carb diet, net carbs are the carbohydrates in food that you can digest and use for energy.”

“Really? How do you find net carbs?”

The General grinned, “Net carbs can be found by taking the total carbohydrates in a product, minus the fiber and sugar alcohols. We remove fiber and sugar alcohols from the total because they are not broken down by your body for energy.”

“Absolutely fascinating,” Nu Bee exclaimed as they scribbled into their book. The General beamed with pride,

“Fascinating indeed. Unfortunately, that is all the information I have for you. It’s time you moved onto Low-Carb Veggies Lane. There you’ll find someone who will help you further!”

Nu Bee thanked the General for his help and ventured onto the Lane of Low-Carb Veggies!

Low-Carb Vegetables

Upon arrival, Nu Bee was welcomed by the Keto Vegetable Experts. One of the experts greeted Nu, “Ahh Nu! The General sent us a message that you would be arriving shortly! It’s great to meet you! We know you don’t have much time so let’s get right into it shall we?”

Nu nodded enthusiastically and pulled out their notebook.

“Listen closely because we’re running on a tight schedule. There are certain vegetables that can be eaten on a ketogenic diet. These vegetables usually contain little to no net carbs, and are a perfect side to your keto meals. Let’s discuss a list of vegetables that are great to start with! Keep in mind that we are measuring the net carbs per 100 grams of the vegetable!”

“Got it!” Nu Bee smiled.

“In order of least net carbs to most net carbs there is…

Garlic Clove = .9 grams

Lettuce = 1.2 grams

Spinach = 1.4 grams

Zucchini = 1.7 grams

Asparagus = 2.1 grams

Tomato = 2.7 grams

Mushrooms = 3.1 grams

Cabbage = 3.6 grams

Kale = 3.6 grams

Broccoli = 3.9 grams

Green Beans = 4.7 grams

Onions = 8.6 grams

These vegetables are great to pair with any protein and healthy fat of your choice!”

Nu nodded in understanding, “Okay I see…but what about meat? Are there specific meats that are good for a keto diet?”

The expert frowned, “Yes there are plenty of meats that are great for a low-carb diet. However, you will have to continue to the Pathway of Protein to find out more about them.”

“That’s no problem, thank you for your help!” Nu beamed gratefully. Then onward Nu went to find the Pathway of Protein!

Low-Carb Meat

Nu Bee climbed up and climbed down in order to arrive at the Pathway. There they found a farmer tending to some animals.

“Excuse me,” Nu interrupted, “Would you happen to know who I can ask about keto meat?”

The farmer swung around and tossed her pale to the side, “You’re looking at her!”

Nu sighed in relief and pulled out their notebook, “I know you must be busy but could you please help me?”

“And you are…”

“Nu Bee! I’ve been sent by my village to find out about keto dieting. I’m now trying to get information on meats that are low in net carbs.”

“Well you’re in luck because I have a couple of minutes to spare!”

Nu readied their pen and notebook and looked to the farmer expectantly.

“There are great protein options that you can have while you’re on a keto diet. Here is a list of meats you could use in order of least to most net carbs, per 100 grams…

Beef = 0 grams

Chicken Breast = 0 grams

Chicken Thigh = 0 grams

Pork = 0 grams

Tuna = 0 grams

Salmon = 0 grams

Duck = 0 grams

Lamb Chop = 0 grams

Crab = 0 grams

Shrimp = 0.9 grams

Bacon = 1.7 grams

Lobster = 3.1 grams

“Oh wow, there are a lot of meats that don’t contain any net carbs!” Nu Bee exclaimed.

The farmer nodded, “Agreed, that’s why adding meat to your meals while on a keto diet is a great option. Pair these bad boys with healthy fats and the veggies of your choice and you’re good to go!”

“Healthy fats…the expert mentioned that as well! Would you be able to tell me more about the healthy fats or will I have to continue on my travels?” Nu asked sadly.

The farmer scratched the back of her head, “Yes unfortunately you’ll have to move on. It shouldn’t be too far though, take a left turn at the end of this road and you should arrive at Healthy Fats Passage!”

Nu sighed but nodded and continued down the road.

Healthy Fats

In a matter of minutes, Nu Bee arrived at the Healthy Fats Passage. Nu swiped sweat from their forehead and looked for anyone that could help them. From a distance, Nu spotted a very tall man approaching a shed. Nu picked up speed and waved down the man,

“Hello! Excuse me! Please wait, I need your help!”

The man paused and looked at Nu in confusion, “Yes…how may I help you?”

Nu stopped in front of the man and placed their hands on their knees to catch their breath. After a couple of seconds, Nu stood up straight again, “I’m trying to find someone who can help me understand what healthy fats are.”

The man laughed and patted Nu Bee on their back, “Well aren’t you a lucky one! I’m the one you’re looking for but I was just about to head home.”

“Please sir, just five minutes of your time! I have to bring this information back to my village as soon as possible,” Nu pleaded.

“Alright, alright. Let’s get on with it then.”

Nu nodded enthusiastically.

“When you're on a keto diet, it’s essential that you understand that not all fats are equal. You need to consume healthy fats on a keto diet to maintain a good balance,” the man explained.

“That makes sense! So what are some good healthy fats that you can have on a ketogenic diet?” Nu Bee asked.

“Some good healthy fats that you can consume are…

Avocados - heart healthy fat that’s a great source of fiber

Nuts - great plant-based protein option & boosts intake of healthy fats

Flax Seeds - contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats and fiber

Nut + Seed Butters - they offer the same great benefits that you get from having nuts and seeds

Chia Seeds - they’re rich in fiber and healthy fats

Olives - contains vitamin E and heart healthy fats

Coconuts - natural source of MCT’s which help ease your transition into ketosis

Greek Yogurt (Full Fat) - contains some carbs but is a great healthy addition

Whole Eggs - nutritious and versatile

Butter - carb-free and contains higher fat content

Cheese - great high-fat and low-carb option

These healthy fats are a great support to your ketogenic meals!”

“Thank you so much! The people of my town will appreciate this information so much!” Nu grinned.

“No problem, glad I could help,” the man said. Nu Bee paused and thought for a second,

“I’m a bit worried though,” Nu admitted.

The man raised an eyebrow, “Oh? About what?”

“The people of my town love carbs so much, I know it will be extremely difficult for them to cut out some of their favourite foods…”

The man nodded in agreement, “Of course, anyone going on a keto diet for the first time will have a bit of difficulty with that. Great news though! There are plenty of low-carb alternatives out there!”

"Really?” Nu beamed.

“Yes! If you head down this road and pass the river, you’ll arrive at Alternative Avenue!”

Nu Bee thanked the man and took off towards the Avenue!

Low-Carb Alternatives

Nu took a deep breath as they arrived at their final stop on their keto journey: Alternative Avenue!

This area was quiet, but it didn’t discourage Nu Bee from moving forward. After walking for a couple of minutes, Nu found a group of people in front of a market.

“Hello there! Is there anyone here that can help me learn more about low-carb alternatives?” Nu asked.

The group of people cheered and greeted Nu with open arms.

“Yes! We’ve been waiting to share our great alternatives with someone!” they said in unison.

Nu laughed and pulled out their notebook for the last time, “I’ve travelled far and wide! I’m ready to hear about these great alternatives!”

One woman stepped forward on behalf of the group and began, “Yes, yes, you’ve probably been travelling for quite some time. So let’s give you all of the information you need!”

“Yes please,” Nu said gratefully.

“Here are some great basic low-carb swaps that you can have on your ketogenic diet…

Low-Carb Breads

Tumaro's is a great alternative for when you’re craving a tasty wrap! They’re vegan, high-protein, dairy-free and of course low in net carbs! They come in delicious flavours like Premium White, Multi Grain, Garden Veggie and many more! 

Next there’s Carbonaut! This alternative is great for making sandwiches, toast, and so many other dishes! Carbonaut is peanut/nut-free, non-gmo, and keto certified! They come in great styles like Sliced Bread, Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, and Bagels in so many delicious flavours! 

Low-Carb Pasta

Kaizen provides a great pasta option that’s not only ketogenic but is vegan, high protein, dairy-free, and high in fiber! 

Similarly, It's Skinny Pasta gives you Fettuccine, Angel Hair, and Rice! With only 9 calories per bag, this yummy alternative is ready in just 2 minutes!    

Low-Carb Snacks

How about some creamy chocolate? Alter Eco’s organic chocolate bombs come in mouth watering flavours like Hazelnut Butter and Almond Butter!    

Oh maybe your palette is in the mood for something crispy? Then Quevos is where you should be looking! These egg white crisps come in flavours like Sour Cream & Onion and so much more! Similarly, Whisps cheese crisps surprise you with savoury flavours like Barbeque, Nacho, and so many more!    

Low-Carb Sauces

Looking for some mayo and ketchup? Then Primal Kitchen is there to save the day!

Or maybe you’re seeking something with a kick? Well Yai's Thai has delicious hot sauces for you to choose from!

How about a soy sauce substitute? Don’t you worry,  Coconut Secret has got you covered!  

G Hughes is just around the corner with sauces in a variety of styles and flavours!” The woman finished off.

Nu thanked everyone for all their help and hastily made their way back to their village. When Nu Bee began telling the people of their town all the information they collected, the villagers expressed their gratitude towards Nu.

Although it was a difficult journey, Nu Bee was glad that they stayed committed and put the work into learning about a keto diet!

Final Thoughts

“Thank you all for joining us for the Keto Made Easy Production! We hope that you were able to collect some valuable information and that you enjoyed the show! Until next time!”

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