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Fuel For Fire

Fuel For Fire

Created by a former professional chef and Ironman triathlete, Fuel For Fire was born out of a need for something easy to digest and chew before a workout. Tired of bars and gels, Fuel For Fire’s founder started mixing protein into applesauce pouches as a way to fuel his body before or during a race. What was founded as a need for something quick, on-the-go, and high-protein, morphed into the portable smoothie pouches you see today. By using simple, clean ingredients, Fuel For Fire has produced something that is tailored for those who want all the nutrients they need to keep them full no matter how active they are. A travelable smoothie for the masses.

Whether you’re a child, an elite athlete, or someone in between, an effortless snack for any time of the day is what you’ll have with Fuel For Fire. Why does Fuel For Fire add protein to their smoothie pouches? It’s simple really. By adding protein to an already nutrient-rich smoothie, you’ll reap all the benefits and then some. Protein leads to muscle recovery, strengthens your immune system, keeps you feeling full, contains all nine essential amino acids, and each smoothie pouch contains as much protein as can be found in one egg. Choose from a wide variety of flavours including; Strawberry Banana, Banana Cocoa, Tropical, Sweet Potato Apple, Coffee, Mixed Berry, Mango Coconut, Berry Acai, and Chocolate Strawberry!