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At Noble, we loved meat, we had been eating it and producing it for generations. But, we also admired the vegan lifestyle and wanted to create something that would combine our two loves, meat and veganism. Tricky, we know! "How could two completely unrelated worlds collide?" we wondered.

As practicing vegan enthusiasts, we grew tired of fruit and vegetable snacks, and wanted something more; Something with a little rip, tear, and a satisfying chew, kind of like meat.  In reality, we were craving meat jerky but also wanted to continue embracing veganism. And, all of a sudden it came to us. The answer: vegan jerky! 

Vegan Jerky was the answer to all of our prayers. So, we hit the lab and created our vegan jerky, an exact replica (without the meat, of course) of meat jerky. Our vegan jerky captures the best of both worlds! It gives you all the exciting flavours and textures of meat but without the GMOs, antibiotics, nitrates, saturated fat, and other gunk. Our vegan jerky allows you to embrace veganism without having to give up your beloved meat snacks. With Noble Jerky, meat jerky will be a thing of the past!