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We are sharers. Shares of healthy, alternative, guilt-free, delicious snacks. We are sharers of fun, of love, of laughter, of trying new things whenever we can. We’re like you. We’re not a global company (ok well we sell to 14 countries, yes, but we don’t have swanky cars or fur toilets). We’re small. We have families. We live by the sea on the south coast. We’ve travelled, we live in spain and we found these lovely little olives. We popped some in bags, sold them on the beach, and then brought the idea back home and now we’re here selling them and sharing them with everyone. We are young, friendly, fun-loving and food-mad. We love to try new things, we can’t sit still, and we’re always out there looking for new ideas to try when we get home. We want to grow, but not in a silly way we can’t sustain. We are proud to bring you products that are keto, gluten-free, kosher, halal, vegan, low-calorie and full of flavour in every pack! Enjoy!