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Yai's Thai

Yai's Thai

Yai Thai brings flavour and health together! The delicious and bold flavours of Thai cuisine in diet-friendly products. 

At Yai Thai’s, we put flavour before everything. After noticing that healthy and flavourful options were not available in stores, we decided to create a world where flavour and health can co-exist. Inspired by our co-founder’s, Leland, half Thai heritage, we turned to the recipes we knew best and consulted with Yai (meaning grandma in Thai) to create a saucy experience. We started in our kitchen and performed trial after trial until we landed on a sauce that we were proud to call our own. We are proud to have a line of Whole30 approved, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, vegan, and low-sodium sauces that don’t compromise health or flavour. However, we love Thai cuisine so much that we took it a step further and created ready-to-heat Thai bowls. We let the bold flavours of Thai cuisine shine in all our products and refrain from adding any junk that could compromise it. Our products are delicious first, and diet-friendly second. Our mission is to allow everyone to experience the flavours of Thai cooking without compromising their diet. All you have to do is add Yai Thai’s!