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At Plant Boss, we love plants! We first fell in love with plants in 1976, and have only gotten more obsessed with them ever since. At Plant Boss, our mission is to feed the mind and body through the power of organic plant products. We work closely with farmers worldwide to bring the most nutritious organic and plant-based products to your plate. Every plant-based product that we make helps to transform the plates of people everywhere. From our farmers to our communities to you, we’ve seen the good that plants can do. At Plant Boss, we look for opportunities to create truly happy plates for everyone we know and don’t know. We created our meatless meat and meal alternatives to help spread our love for plants. Our plant-based products are all organic, keto-friendly, gluten-free, soy-free, high in plant-based protein, and easy to use. We designed our vegan products so that anyone could make them, and everyone could enjoy the benefits that plants have to offer. We believe that through plant-based meals, we can all eat better and live better. With Plant Boss, your next healthy meal is just one plant away!